Online Live Event 18th November 2022


We are excited to announce the return of our annual clearance sale event online!

Here is the "roadmap" of how it will work (hopefully!) 


When: Friday 18th November 2022 from 12 pm Midday - 

Where: Facebook - Here is the link:

We are unsure whether you have to be registered on Facebook to view, - but it's worth a go - the link should take you straight through.  We are told, some Android users seem to be successful (not recent Apple devices though !) 


But I'm not on Facebook?   Well, all of the products will be going live and visible here at the same time as we do the online video presentation about them - so you will see all of the bargains you just won't hear us talking about them! 

View all of the products here (after 12 pm as they are released)

What: - A huge variety of products, there are exactly the same items as we had for our "normal" one-day clearance sale - below are examples of what you can expect to see.

Postage and Packing 

***Your P&P Refunded - UK Mainland ***

Please note, there is limited availability on some items so don't leave purchases in your basket for too long – please pay the £7 P&P's and we will refund ALL of them, providing you cumulatively spend over £150* on this event - If you only spend say, £100, you will be charged 1 x P&P at £7.

***Your P&P Refunded - Northern Ireland/Highlands & Islands***


 For these areas, there will be the standard OB charge for shipping, but as above, don't leave the purchases in your basket - pay the extra P&P charges to secure your goods and we will refund ALL multiple payments.  

***Your P&P Refunded - International***

AS above, this also includes International shipments, where there is a shipping charge - but you will only be charged once, the rest will be refunded 


All Beanbags to the UK mainland will be sent filled.

EXCEPTIONS Northern Ireland/Highlands & Islands and International = Beanbags will be sent unfilled  - if you require a different service please contact the office for a quote.

How: Cindi & the team will be presenting products directly to the camera and highlighting all of the features, and fittings of each line/item. 

How will I order?: As the product lines/segments are demonstrated on the broadcast,  they will go live on the website, so you will be able to purchase them directly through the website.

ALL Products will available to view here on the day of the event.

VIP Discounts:  Very sorry but because the prices are SO affordable you will not be able to enter your VIP code for an additional discount.

Can I ask questions ? - yes definitely there will be someone monitoring the Facebook feed and  at all times so any questions or remarks can hopefully be handled in real-time, if we cannot answer immediately we will get back to you very quickly. 

Returns - these items are sold as non-returnable.

How can I be sure of what I am ordering?  if you know OB, you know we are very transparent and straight-talking about our products and our exceptional British Made quality, if anything we frequently undersell ourselves!  If there is anything that would be in the least "concerning" it will be priced accordingly and highlighted in the broadcast any defects or unusual  "stuff" will be explained plus any reasons why the item has been so heavily discounted. 

How long will the sale last  - very difficult to predict, we will try to be speedy,  thorough,  entertaining and honest, we will answer any questions where possible - we will revisit very popular lines, especially good gifts and very well-priced pieces,  we will also let you know when products are selling out - Think QVC without so much of the "smoosh" and more of the honesty and humour!

Will the products stay online - only whilst stocks last - there will be very limited availability on some lines. At the very latest the stragglers will be taken down on Sunday evening 20th November.

When will I get my purchases - We will endeavour to despatch everything within 1 week of the order being placed and use our normal next-day 24-hour service (UK mainland) overseas slightly longer. 

Anything else I should know? - OB Dustrbags or gift wrapping will NOT be applied to these sale items 

 Thank you very much for your support 







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