""A flourishing bag business""

Released On 4th May 2016

It was fabulous to welcome Ann Widdecombe to Owen Barry last week, pictured here choosing the Arnie Fringe in Cobalt. She also ordered another bag from our Bespoke Collection - Made to Order.

Here is an excerpt from Ann's column in the Daily Express today about her Owen Barry visit: 

""Last week I visited a handbag factory in Street, Somerset, called Owen Barry, a firm now being run by the fifth generation of the same family. This small but sure operation survived being turned over to the production of munitions in the Second World War, when those then running it were Christian Scientists and conscientious objectors.

They just let another family member get on with it. Today’s owners gave me a couple of iced buns and a stylish handbag in an unusual shade of blue but that is not what has inspired me to mention this little factory.

Rather I was taken aback to learn that over 90 per cent of its trade consists of exports. Furthermore most of that trade is with Japan and North America. There used to be a large Russian market as well but Putin appears to have kiboshed that.

Who says it isn’t possible to trade successfully outside the EU? Perhaps our doommongers should go on an awayday to Street and take lessons from Owen Barry.""

Link to Ann Widdecombe's Daily Express Column

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