Advent, Apollo Missions, Top of the Pops & ME!

Advent, Apollo Missions, Top of the Pops & ME!

Released On 2nd Dec 2017

Yesterday we launched our OB Advent Countdown Calendar.

Every day we suggest a little nugget, bargain or treat that may be of interest on the run up to Christmas, these offers are especially selected to give you variety both in products and price points.

However, as good and non-fattening as our daily offers are, it must be said the era of The Great Countdowns has, I feel, sadly left us.

So, in the tradition of true countdowns, here are what I think are the best or most notable “Countdowns of all Time”.

5) The Apollo Missions – I remember as a child the palpable tension in our “front room” as we sat transfixed by the TV screen – the countdown, the massive explosion of fire and power and then the tiny missile rocket “slowly” heading off into orbit - I guess these are the first countdowns I ever remember.

4) New Year’s Eve – Some people seem to put a lot of store by this event – although not me!  However, I guess it does offer the opportunity for reflection and anticipation – unless you are VERY merry when all effort must be employed trying to remember the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne – I’ll get it right this year.

3) Your 100 Top – Movies, Sporting Moments, Christmas Songs – these countdown TV programmes are so addictive and controversial, we sit there until gone midnight discussing each one of the contenders – suffering the adverts between every 5 entries (or 10 if you’re lucky) – only to sit there with your mouth open aghast at the final runners-up vs the obvious winner’s i.e.  It’s a Wonderful Life - Johnny Wilkinson Drop Goal, Fairy-tale of New York – who the hell voted for The Godfather and Band aid? – get a grip people.

2) 5,4,3,2,1, Thunderbirds are GO – this must be the most iconic countdown of all time – during the mid-60’s that title sequence was the hands down favourite in every playground across Britain – I was surprised to learn that only 2 series of Thunderbirds were ever made! (totalling 32 hour long episodes) – yes there was Stingray and other lesser mortals, but really – has there ever been anything to beat the exploits of the Tracy family?

1) Top of the Pops – Surely, it’s got to be Number 1 in all senses of the word – that programme pushed you thru a gamut of emotions:- do you remember sitting anticipating the next artist to appear?   waiting for your favourites to feature?

Disappointed when it was some Clive Dunn -Grandad-esque hit- (although I did like Ernie !! the fastest milkman in the West), confused by some “weirdo” band you’d never heard of (Boy George /Culture Club !) bored by Pans People and finally thrilled and delighted when your personal favourite was in the studio. Thursday evening BBC1 – Classic, surely nobody ever missed that countdown?

There you are – I am sure you agree with my choices, cuzz they are the best – but just in case I did overlook anything, please let me know and I will re-consider (briefly).

Have a smashing Advent all.

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