Are you in the pink at home?

Are you in the pink at home?

Released On 10th Sep 2017

eOver the past few months I have been interested to follow the rising popularity of a slightly surprising interiors trend.

A trend that is softening the edge off the colder greys and neutrals that have pervaded, or some will say,  had a strangle hold over the interior design scene and lifestyle shops for at least 2 years.

Who remembers last years buzz word = Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the epitome of soft grey Scandi, the art of cosy living, marrying nature and relaxation, an appreciation of all things that are stress free, parred back, washed out, muted and soft grey.

Don't panic, if you have just embraced grey,  that hygge look is still absolutely relevant and very much on trend, but some people, especially the “early adopters” are starting to get a little bored & restless with this drab palette and they are already looking to move it on.

Where are they going? Well they are going towards a dusty dirty rose pink.

WHY?? I hear you ask, well in my opinion,  because the fashion world told them to.

Without doubt, I believe, that every colour popular in most of our lives is influenced in part by the fashion catwalks, everything you see on high streets, from packaging to pans, fridges to football kits will have originally been cited by the fashion community - we have a lot to answer for!

If you cast your mind back to 2015, (yes I know it’s hard to even remember last Easter – but try !! )

At the end of 2015 the colour predictions were made for the forthcoming year.

I'm sure you all remember the Pantone 2016 Colours of the Year ?  – well done, yes it was Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

Whilst neither of those colours survived in their purest form they have undoubtedly filtered down into both the fashion and home furnishing palettes.

Whilst fashion moves fast, soft furnishings and household products are a lot slower to take up, so it is only now we are starting to see the evidence of these predictions in our contemporary lifestyle shops.

Obviously nobody, barring a Barbie obsessed 10 year old would want bright rose pink quartz in their lives but once it is muted, softened, blended with taupe and pale salmon undertones then the perfect grubby rose colour is created - just enough to bring a bit of warmth and softness to our decor.

Alternatively, you could do the same to Serenity Blue, blend down the brightness by mixing with a smokey silver grey you have the perfect pale faded denim, ideal to give a dour grey room, just a hint of coastal blue.

I think these trends are stunning, refreshing and just the boost our grey interiors needed.

I am thrilled to see sheepskin rugs & beanbags emerging in both of these shades proving once again that the leather and sheepskin industry, whilst traditional in their skills heritage are most certainly forward looking when it comes to design.

Mark my words,  this years Christmas bauble colour ??? - Dusty Pink

arrrghhhhhhhh...........sorry, shouldn't have said that word.

Click here to view the Riggster Star Bag (shown above)

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