Being British - Trump, Sherlock & ME!!!

Released On 22nd Jan 2017

Doing things well - UK style.

Good grief, we are spoiled in the UK, sometimes, we think we've got it rough, but we don't realise how fortunate we are.

I think, as a nation we don't always appreciate how important it is to do things well -  until you experience or witness some one else's failure.

We all have pet hates about poor service, poor quality, poor value for money and I don't want to write a blog on that (today) ! - cuzz it's depressing,  banging on about being let down.

Let down ! - hell fire - I think I have just witnessed one of the biggest let downs of all time and one of the reasons why we should be even more proud of British pageantry and our superb presentation, that is, understandably,  the envy of the world.

For me, this week has been even busier than most - presently Chas & I are in Dublin - we have just set up our trade stand for Showcase Ireland which starts tomorrow - fingers crossed for a good one.  

So, as we are now back to the hotel room, I have just settled down to catch up on the iPad with some of the things I missed have on TV over the last 10 days.

You are going to think I have lost the plot, but I chose the coverage of US presidential inauguration in preference to Sherlock!!   What !!!, I hear you cry, the girls gone BSE.

In fairness, there is a good reason, I have to watch Sherlock with Brett for the sake of our ""marriage"" -  statistics show that one of the main causes of couples dis-satisfaction, is a partner ""cheating"" by secretly watching a special programme alone, and frankly, I can't afford another divorce.

So yes,  I was obliged to choose the  ""Hair Furher"" i.e.Donald, over the perfection that is Messrs Cumberbatch and Freeman.

On My Goodness, I couldn't believe it, despite choosing the BBC coverage,  I sat there open mouthed.

I guess, it was amusing to see the deserted streets, especially the huge military personnel presence posted at barriers that were holding back nothing more then fresh air !! 

But it was the ramshackle proceedings that astounded me, there was no formality or order, the whole gathering on the stage looked like a group of unruly children bobbing about, talking, giggling, slouching, yawning, picking their noses - this supposedly was the great and good of the most powerful nation on earth and the whole thing was embarrassing and/or actually frightening how undisciplined and rank amateur it was.

From the driving of the official vehicles, can't they hold a straight line and equal distance ? its only a car -
(and certainly not a Colour Troop of marching horses) to the randoms ducking in and out on the podium as the formalities happened! 

Our Liz, she wouldn't stand for it, and hopefully none of us would either.  There should be outcry in the UK if officers of our military turned their backs on a senior figures and wandered off, whilst they were making their formal acceptance speech (no matter what shite they were spouting).

I suppose its all about respect, if you don't earn any......... you don't get any, but I still think it's about respecting the office and what it should stand for. 

Fortunately in the UK we are blessed, we can do formality, celebration & tradition exceptionally well and I think we should be extremely proud and protective of that,  it sets us apart and undoubtedly brings us trade and tourism from all over the globe.

However, another programme I found on the iPlayer was ""Get yer Tatts out: Kavos style"" 
Hmmmmm that wasn't quite such an endorsement of Britain(s)  at it's best.
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