Bespoke Bags.....Because You're Worth It!!??!! 

Released On 9th Jul 2016

Reasons why I think you deserve a bespoke custom made handbag 

This isn’t a long blog today – bcoz I am really pushed for time;  (getting samples ready for a photo shoot on Monday)  – IF you are the same and don’t want to struggle through all the reasons, then I suggest that you cut to the chase and read the end line – bcoz that will tell you all you need to know. 

I had a customer in the shop on Tuesday who asked me that very question “why should I get a custom made bag ?” briefly I thought she was joking, but then seeing the look in her eyes knew that this was a serious question that deserved more than the L’Oréal  strap line answer.

​Here are a few of the reasons I gave 
  • Individual – I know Owen Barry bags are pretty original anyway, especially our limited edition cowhide: leather mixes, and I know every cowhide is slightly different, so there are never going to be two that are exactly the same – but I think when you can actually choose your own combinations it really helps you express your personality.
  • Special events – obvious,  but when you have a red letter day, you want to feel 110% stunning, and everything contributes to that – matching accessories really emphasise the attention to detail – a head turning dress can look great but complemented with matching accessories will really make you feel (and look) like a million dollars.
  • Confidence – to know when you are carrying your bag, nobody else is going to have anything like it – great feeling to have, seriously it’s the equivalent of losing a few pounds you just feel GOOD.
  • More choice – OB can’t afford to hold every colour in every style in stock (sorry) – but if you are prepared to be a little bit patient (up to 4 weeks tops) you can have exactly the colour you want not have to settle for a ready made one.
  • Value for money – you know every Owen Barry has a lifetime guarantee – so you can build a collection of these stunning individually designed bags, that you can rely on to give you pizzazz, service and enjoyment for many years.
  • Creative input – We all need to be creative and whilst not all of us are Great British “bake off” or “sewing bee “ candidates,  the ability to design your own bag is very rewarding – especially when you get complementary remarks at the checkout in Sainsbury’s – it’s great to say “it’s an Owen Barry and I designed it myself” (slight exaggeration – but if you don’t tell, I won’t ) 
 And finally the reason that I think is a NO Brainer
  • It doesn’t cost any more than a standard bag – you can have all of this choice, individuality, creative input etc. for NO additional cost – the bag will be exactly the same price as a premade first.

Oh and yes as L’Oréal  says 
  • Because you’re worth it. 
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