Beware of Nutters, Moaning & Rants

Released On 27th May 2017

I started writing this weeks blog about a trade show that I attended in London last week called Meet the Manufacturer - it is a show that hopefully puts British Manufacturers together with clients who are looking to resource British products.

But as the blog developed it was obvious that it was turning into a rant about UK  fashion brands, retailers and online businesses saying they wanted to resource British but in reality, most are not willing to do so because they were frightened the British buying public, unlike our offshore customers, couldn't (or more likely wouldn't) afford it. 

As the rant went on I suddenly realised that what I was typing was totally inappropriate. 

In the light of this weeks events, me moaning about lack of home grown consumer support seemed more than a little trite so I have decided to stop right here!

It's strange, I have been writing this blog regularly for well over a year,  and as with a lot of women of more mature years, I have had to become comfortable with the many headed beast that is social media.

From being a disapproving cautious mother, worried about bullying, grooming, et al, I have had to embrace these channels (for my business, says she!) and it has undoubtably helped me become more in tune with the prevailing zeitgeist and global events.

Whilst there are always nutters, unfriend and unfollow are the quickest way to cull them. 

There are also some really great posts that make you smile from ear to ear or just wonder in awe at the magnificent beauty of our surroundings, or in the case of Donald Trump, make you sit open mouthed that anybody can be that crass and ignorant and POTUS - how?

Whatever, social media is a window onto the world and as Mark Zuckerberg himself said earlier this week in his Harvard address:- 

""Ideas don't come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You have to get started.""  

Which is what I do with this blog and ended up here ! 

I know Zuckerberg has his naysayers and ""he"" has undoubtedly taken a control on our lives for the foreseeable future - but some of his sound bites are quite inspirational and definitely worth a read, like Steve Jobs,  the man started off with a bloody good idea, a drive and worked hard - you can't criticise him for that.  

So back to a Facebook post I read last night - 

""We live on an absolutely beautiful planet - it's just the world that's ugly at the moment"" 

God bless. 

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