Broken Rings & New Pet Shop Competition?!

Broken Rings & New Pet Shop Competition?!

Released On 3rd Sep 2017

The importance of customer service, are you getting enough from Owen Barry?

What has prompted that question?

The main 2 reasons, they can go under these headings:-

"Broken rings" and "New pet shop competition"

This week the opening of a new retail unit on the outskirts of Street has prompted me to ask the question "Do our Owen Barry customers realise how important they are to us ?"

In honesty a new pet shop selling everything from cat litter to iguana exercising equipment isn't really going to keep me up nights worrying, but that might not be the same for the proprietors of our long established local pet shop "W.G.Grinters".

After 120 years!!!  having,  I guess, the monopoly on our High Street, the prospect of a shiny new out of town retail unit that is the dogs bollocks (see what I did there?) must be disconcerting, but in fairness to Grinters  they seem to have met this threat with a full on assault.

I am very late to the party here, only seeing the first mention of this contra temp on Facebook two days ago, but a quick study would seem to reveal that from zero social media action, about a year ago they upped the anti,  but , Grinters really didn't come out of the blocks until just  8 weeks ago.

In no time at all they have amassed 1100+ followers and even more impressively their latest post  asking for continued support (the new shop opened the following day) has garnered 850 likes and 511 shares and 147 comments.

Seriously folks those numbers/statistics are IMPRESSIVE, believe me, some  large corporations would give their eye teeth for numbers & engagement like that.

It's not rocket science, but the Facebook testimonials reveal the formula that has obviously served them well for 120 years:-  superb friendly customer service, good prices, helping the elderly and needy customers with personal assistance, plus a true love of the pets and animals they meet.

Facebook also has numerous customers promising to remain loyal - I sincerely hope they do.

This made me think (don't say a word!).........

Customer service is also crucially important to Owen Barry, that's why when Sarah came to Chas and I earlier in the week to report a "problem" it was a very sobering moment.

Sarah said she had just taken a second phone call in the last three weeks asking for replacement rings "another customer has had a ring break on her, she's got her favourite bag tied up with binder twine !!"

Now you might think I'm sarcastic and flippant, but I can assure you a remark like that brought me down to earth with a bang, all three of us, Chas, Sarah and I stood there looking at each other, one to another, shocked silence,  but then questioning "How ? Why ? What are the consequences?".

Obviously, Sarah our superb customer service manager had sent new rings immediately, and the customers were happy and understanding. Plus a check procedure was installed at the finishing stage downstairs in the factory.

But I felt it was necessary to use this blog to ask you all the question - Are your rings okay ladies ???

If you have any OB rings or hardware that is broken, PLEASE contact us immediately for replacements/repair - it's Free of Charge.

You should hopefully know about our lifetime guarantee, but, if you're like me, sometimes you keep meaning to do stuff and never get around to it.

Here is a nudge, direct from me, drop Sarah an email at  (ideally with a photo, so that we can get the right components) and get the repair process started.

I have decided I want a group of loving satisfied loyal customer's just like Grinters and checking everybody is happy out there is just a step along the way.

Please shop local.............. you'll be glad you did.

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