Buy British Day - 1st October 2016

Released On 30th Sep 2016

Do I practice what I preach – Buy British ?

Yes of course, well I certainly try to, but as proven by several BBC 2 and Channel 4 programmes it is virtually impossible to do that for all aspects of life.

But actuallyI don’t think asking anyone to adopt a single cause or route in life is well balanced, there is a good argument for a bit of everything, and as long as the people producing the goods are being fairly treated, and the environment not being raped then obviously the Colombian coffee producer deserves his chance as much as the next person.

However, there are clearly sound economic, social and environmental reasons to buy British.  It supports British manufacturing & employment, it helps both local, rural and urban economies.  Plus you can be assured the production of goods takes place under excellent labour conditions and the production processes are environmentally safe.  Finally the carbon footprint of British made goods is low. 

Ironically however, sometimes Buying British just isn’t refined enough for me  I become even more evangelical and will only buy Somerset produce – Glastonbury Farmers Market on the fourth Saturday of the month is a beauty to behold.

We are seeing large sections of consumers now going back to the local High Street for fresh produce and who can blame them - farmers markets are destinations that feed every sense, they are beautiful for the eyes, nose, mouth and yes, even the ears (superb banter cannot be underestimated). 

But most importantly Farmers Markets and shopping local gives us the thing the every human yearns for,  a contented soul,  an all over sense of well being by supporting our neighbour. 

The pleasure, pride and sense of belonging to a community is really brought home, stood in the rain on a dark Saturday morning seeing how thrilled the small holder is that you have braved the weather - just to be sure of grabbing her Golden Beetroot - no that isn't a double entendre - but you do have to get up early Mrs !!! 

As a British manufacturer with our own little shop,  I know only too well how important our regular customers are - they don't have to shop with us so giving them a warm welcome, service and a great product is absolutely crucial - because without these customers we would be in a very sorry state  -  we would be travelling the globe, staying in nice hotels, selling to the leading designers and department stores !!  - no seriously, it is bizarre,  but everybody wants be liked in their own little pond, so every time a regular or local comes back and complements us it means more than anything else. 

So Saturday 1st October is Buy British Day - I would say, if you can, try to purchase something British, if not today then sometime soon, because I can absolutely guarantee you will make at least two people extremely happy - you and the person who produced it. 

Also, as we didn't win the Euro millions last night - we have to carry on working, and making bags etc. for you is better than digging the roads ! Well so I'm told.
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