#BuyBritish, Hotwater Bottle Covers, Raven & ME!

#BuyBritish, Hotwater Bottle Covers, Raven & ME!

Released On 9th Dec 2017

At this time of year “What do you want for Christmas?” is the age-old question that is always nonchalantly dropped into any conversation in our house.

Vainly, I hope it is said with such relaxed ease, that my underlying desperation doesn’t reveal itself to the person being questioned.

All I want one of them to say is, “a Kenwood Chef”, “a 13-tog feather duvet”, “a Dyson”, or anything that I can just buy!

Nowadays, if you’re like me, our kids buy all that easy, matter of fact stuff for themselves, leaving us parents having to think creatively, to pull the “OH WOW” presents out of a hat.

It’s here where I believe British craftsmanship and individuality comes into its own.

I grant you, not if your little darlings are teen’s and you are substituting the newest iPhone for a dream catcher with their birthstone, hand whittled wooden initials and bit of their placenta woven into it -  then I feel that creative item might be a slightly risky purchase.  

Please note, for those of you who feel I have invented that special Made in Britain item, don’t forget I live 2 miles from Glastonbury, the UK centre of all things alternative, holistic, crystal, pagan and downright strange – but, I do I know Raven was chock-a-block with orders, so in truth, you might have left it a bit late if you did want a personalised dream catcher.

Don’t panic, here at Owen Barry, we do have some capacity put aside to ensure that we don’t let Santa down.

Our OB elves are still beavering away, making our fantastic individual British products.

Whether it’s that special handbag, or perhaps even a bespoke one, you still have time.

Or perhaps something sheepskin like the mittens or hats, Sarah will be thrilled to help you find the right gift.

With this cold snap in mind, personally I think one of our BEST buys, that are great for everybody are our sheepskin hot-water bottle covers, they are perfect for all ages, super tactile and snuggly warm, from cut from the very finest sheepskin, tanned and dyed locally in the West Country – they are fantastic value at £35 plus £5 delivery.

With 8 or 9 wonderful rich lux colours available from stock, it makes ours totally unique – but frankly NO less than you would expect from OB.

These will warm up the grumpiest of Santa’s –  repeat after me …. “think what we are saving on the heating darling”

Don’t forget F&F applies.

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