Chas's Summer Bag(s).....

Released On 29th May 2016

Chas is off on holiday today for a few days of well-earned relaxation in the sunshine and she was debating which bags (plural) to take! -  I thought that would make a great topic for this week’s blog – so my question was 

“Chas, which 5 of your bags couldn’t you live without this summer ?”

Her answer was as follows:

1.  Large slouch – is fantastic for travelling – it has the large pocket on the back for keeping passports handy but safe close to your body, it is really squidgy so it fits in the smallest space and you can stuff it with your jumper to use as a pillow on the plane. (We are a dozy family when we get on a plane)

2. Dudley in Faberge – my everyday bag – I use it all the time – it’s big enough for work, holds my laptop,  but really light weight plus it’s stylish enough for evenings and when I am visiting customers.   I get many admiring comments, it must be one of the most beautiful Dudley’s I’ve owned.

3. Madison Fringe in Crocus -  it is a great festival bag – the drawstring pulls up tight and secure – the fringe is really funky and very Coachella – I thought about a Sand colour but decided on the Crocus because I think festival is all about having fun. 

4. Bambi in Ariel Platino - this really is a stunning clutch bag, ideal for evenings /parties and weddings - the wrist strap makes it easy to carry -  ensuring you don’t lose it, (for some of us  glasses of prosecco is more dangerous than it is for others!!) 

Last one was more difficult because she couldn’t make up her mind – but in the end Chas went for the Wild Card 

5. Remus in Silver Acido on Storm – I absolutely adore this bag – the practical side of me thought it was    a bit of an extravagance, as micro bags might be bang on trend but they don’t hold a hellva lot !!  – This Remus proved me wrong with the three compartments and really soft pliable leather – you can nearly fit in as much as a standard small handbag!! And the adjustable softy strap adore it – Yes Remus is my Summer Wild Card 

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