Christmas Jumpers & ME!

Christmas Jumpers & ME!

Released On 24th Dec 2017

​Christmas Jumpers - Love them or Loath them which camp are you?

I hadn’t realised how divisive the wearing of comedy Christmas Jumpers was until I was telling a lady on the phone, about our “good cause day” and realised that I touched a nerve !

It is surprising what really sends people off the deep end, she was saying they were expected to wear them in the office - but she wouldn’t lower herself!

Fortunately she was a potential supplier, not a customer (and is never going to read this) so I can say in print what I said when our conversation had finished - “get over yourself luv its only a jumper” and it’s for charity, why wouldn’t you?

Our conversation did make me wonder why some people love and embrace the full on ugly/kitsch effect and why some people think it is still a symbol of “trailer trash”, or does it actually reflect people’s true personality, whether they are inherently generous and positive or just down beat and grumpy about life?

I must admit that if it wasn’t for charity, I wouldn’t wear one without a reason, this year I think we had to wear a jumper and pay £1 for the privilege, with the proceeds going to Macmillan - non compliant folk were expected to part with £2, - which personally I think is far too cheap - I think the fine should be at least £5.

As I expect you can tell by the picture my effort is homemade! 

Because I don’t own a Christmas jumper , and hadn’t even thought about it until the night before, I started at 10pm and eventually finished at 1am in the morning, I made my own - wrapping wool around a fork, I knocked up a motley selection of pom-poms that I then quickly tacked onto an old jumper, in what started as a shape of a Christmas tree, but morphed into Santa’s hat - the lateness of the hour can be seen in the design, it is what Rick used to call “pissed” when looking at a twisted wood etc, but it was easy and cheap.

Would I wear it “out” , I guess not, because it is very rough and amateur, Ken calls me “Mother Scrooge”, but in truth I would want to make it more flamboyant, because I believe these things should be extra ugly, I was thinking of suspending pom-poms from the hem as a kind of a hula skirt. 

Anyway, it has gone back in the drawer for another year, and we just have the photo, which I think is great - sadly the OB team is a bit thin on the ground with many members escaping early due to family commitments & holidays etc. But those of us left holding the fort look suitably festive.

So from our homes to yours - have a fantastic festive time, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2018.

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