Hottie Cover Competition Winners

Hottie Cover Competition Winners

Released On 10th Dec 2020

This month saw the announcement of the three winners in our real Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover Competition.

Stories that melted our hearts

We asked you to send in photos of the coldest place you'd ever been with the story behind the photo. We also asked you to send in pictures of your beloved hot water bottles with the reason why you thought it deserved a new cover.

We had some truly heart-warming and sometimes funny entries which made the job of picking winners extremely difficult. But we did it and we're delighted to share their stories here.


Helping With Retirement

Hottie Winner sarah

Our first winner is Sarah. Well Sarah's hot water bottle... he entered himself as he wanted to be in with the chance to win as he felt sometimes you need to be thawed out when you find love. He says that after 34 years of service he would love to retire happy. He said that Sarah would donate his inners to a lovely new Owen Barry cover helping him to do his bit to save the planet and continue to keep giving love & warmth to the family.  Well, we're very happy to help the old boy out in his retirement and he's a well deserving winner.

A Lap Around Lapland

Hottie WInner Alexandra

Our next winner is Alexandra. Alexandra took a group of adults with learning disabilities to Lapland on a trip. "My goodness was it cold" she said "-21!!". She said they all had a fabulous time and it was worth being freezing just to see the enjoyment they all got from it. She also said it was the coldest but one of her absolutely favourite memories! A trip she'll never forget. we hope she remembers to take her newly won hottie cover with her next time she goes somewhere cold.

Gran's Jumper

And finally we have Charlie, Charlie lives in deepest Shropshire and his story really melted our hearts...

Hottie Cover winner Charlie

His Mum entered on behalf of Charlie... She said her young son tried to up-cycle an old and well loved cashmere jumper belonging to his gran to remember her. As you can see she said "it's not very safe" so he's making it into a lavender pillow instead - what a lovely idea. Anyway, she went on to say they live in a remote part of windy Wales, with only sheep for neighbours, and knows Charlie would dearly love a fabby OB warmer jacket for his old hottie to snuggle up to at night, or in lockdown. 

How can we resists Charlie's story and we hope he enjoys our hottie cover and his Gran's Lavender jumper pillow for many years to come.

Thank you for all your entries

All your stories and photos brought a warm fuzzy feeling to our hearts and we really enjoyed reading them. It made the task of picking the winners quite tough, but well done to our three. We're over the moon to be posting out prizes this week. 

See all stories over on Facebook and details of the winners are available on request as per the terms of the competition.



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