Check List for Cheltenham - Gold Cup Week

Released On 4th Mar 2020

Check List for Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival Week.

Ladies, here is a list of the things you must remember to take to any race meeting. But when it's Cheltenham, you know you have to be 100% on top of your game:

Owen Barry credentials:

For 8 years Owen Barry used to have a permanent retail stand at Cheltenham races not just the Gold Cup Festival, we were there for every meeting,,  so we have been in there in every possible weather conditions and as a very friendly fashion retailer have been asked for more emergency things than you could ever imagine !!

The best handbags to use:

Unless you aren’t going to move for 6 hours,  you are definitely going to need a handbag that allows your hands-free – you can’t hold a drink, take a photo, place a bet, eat canapes, shout at your horse and juggle a clutch bag:  get real girls – a crossbody strap will be a lifesaver guaranteed. 

All of our smaller bags have detachable crossbody straps, they look very elegant whilst offering quick and easy conversion from a clutch.

If you prefer to use shoulder bags & tote bags - one point we must emphasise is make sure they are robust enough to not get grubby or marked; unless you're in the finest of the hospitality areas, the floor is going to be messy/muddy and wet (especially if it has been raining) so be aware that placing your bag on the floor is not the best idea - unless of course, it's an OB bag, that can be wiped clean - or even better a cowhide one - that is as nature intended and the mud can be brushed and wiped away when dried - not a problem !! 

The OB Gold Cup Cowhide collection is now available as per our annual festival offer we are giving 40% saving on all Hurdlers & Dudley's in Natural & Tricolour cowhide - you can choose your exact skin markings here   - 

Contents -

Don't forget all these - if it seems like a lot, share the list with a friend - then you each have less to carry.


Owners & Trainers Badges / Tags & Tickets  -  duhhhhh  !!!

Race Card & PEN – a couple of Proseccos and that winning tip will be forgotten – write it down!!

Phone - celebrity snapping and to find missing friends– crucial.

Cash/Card – Plan your limit and don’t get tempted to gamble/spend more – have a £5, £10 or £20 note in a special reserve pocket – use it wisely because when it’s gone it’s gone – listen to mother!!

Paracetamol or another headache remedy  

Tissues – it will make your nose run, even on the balmiest day there’s a good breeze at Prestbury Park.

Plasters – yes, those shoes look stunning …but

Makeup refresh – certainly lippy & mascara and a comb if you can fit it in

Hair clips/Kirby grips – just in case - for that hat or killer hairdo.

Mints, fruit sweets or throat sweets – screaming at the “winner” can be very sore on the old vocal cords.

Perfume – whether you’ve been in the paddock or by the burger van – a freshen up blast is always worth it.

Finally – and weather dependant

Gloves, Shawl or wrap, umbrella and insoles for your shoes.


So there you have it girls - have a fantastic time and remember with all your winnings - an Owen Barry bag is a fantastic investment that will last a lot longer than that pint of Guinness !!


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