Christmas Experience Survey Results

Christmas Experience Survey Results

Released On 22nd Jan 2020

We asked everybody who had purchased from Owen Barry between the middle of November and January 1st for their feedback -

these are the results of that survey, together with any observations we would like to make along the way!


Question One: Were you aware of Owen Barry before you made this purchase?

How interesting only 6% of our Christmas customers were referred to us by their friends, - Christmas is a time for sharing so please share the love and tell your family and friends about OB

- we are thinking of getting a referral reward system going, to try to encourage you - BUT please don't wait!


Question Two: How was your overall Owen Barry experience?

This new website is only 12 months old and we are learning all the time, your feedback really helps us to understand and try to improve, everything you have said is being taken on board.  You will see new developments and hopefully more accessibility to information being rolled out over the coming few months.


Question Three: The Owen Barry website - how was it for you?

If we had a lot of clients saying "difficult"  that would have been awful;  but we do know there are hiccups sometimes and many improvements to be had, the highest repeated remark was that you definitely need more internal shots of the bags and several customers have said about behind the scenes, "making videos", you certainly know how to keep us on our toes, joke!


Question Four: Did you email OB or speak to an OB member of staff? 

We are wondering whether to try a live chat option so that you can ask questions online at any time and hopefully! somebody here can answer in real-time - it's just when you buggers decide it is fun to ask questions at 3 o'clock in the morning, we might have to turn it off - but we'll have a go and sign up to a service soon.


Question Five: Communications/order processing/returns  (if applicable) ?

Payment processing, our web developers have tracked down the root of the problem - and it wasn't us or the website - yippee. Guess what, it was the bank processing centres - but no recourse there!. Anyway, it is all sorted now.

Sadly, we'll never know how many potential orders we lost because the customers got fed up (and you can't blame them), but those of you who did persevere and get the payment to go through or even better rung us up and told us about the issue enabling us to get it sorted - THANK YOU we sincerely appreciate that.


Question Six: Delivery courier service - Did they deliver?

We worked hard to get the product out the door, but we have to give massive credit to the courier companies, they were fantastic on our behalf.  It must the thankless job on the run-up to Christmas chasing around trying to keep everybody happy, but all of " our drivers" did just that, certainly this end they were all super helpful and patient - we really do appreciate their efforts, as without them we wouldn't have an online offering - it seems like you were generally very happy as well- good news.


Question Seven: Your OB product please tell us, did it meet your expectations? 

I know at least one customer has been harassed by either Trust pilot or Survey monkey 4 times to give us feedback, apologies if you feel that we are begging for compliments, of course, multiple purchases will always trigger multiple nudges; For us, your reviews, recommendations and testimonials are crucial in reassuring new potential clients that we are a good company to deal with - we really do appreciate them and do try very hard to earn them. 


Question Eight:  How was the packaging? /How was the PRODUCT value for money?

The one overriding comment that came through this season was your abhorrence to single-use plastic - good on you, we agree 100%,  and whilst it isn't easy, we are investigating ways to use biodegradable options that protect your purchases in transit. Please be patient, presently it isn't cheap and frankly not all the options are ethical, just because the packaging companies say they are biodegradable, doesn't always mean they are - humpphhh.  But rest assured it is on our to-do list. 


Question Nine: How can we improve? - Please check as many boxes as you consider appropriate 

So we have learnt a lot from your feedback and comments, we really appreciate you taking the time to advise us - All of what you have asked for will be done over the coming months.


Question Ten: How likely are you to recommend Owen Barry to a friend or a family member?

What can we say, other than thank you - that means the world to us.

Finally - just a few more comments that we wanted to share, the good and the bad, well not really bad but definitely constructive. 

We will listen and learn from all of your comments because we want to improve your Owen Barry experience every time, customers like you are what keeps small British manufacturers like us going and we need you on our side every day.  You will see changes and updates to the website over the coming weeks and months - PLEASE if you have any thoughts or feedback now or in the future, don't keep it to yourself, we would really appreciate hearing from you - because it is all about you ....... Thank you again most sincerely. 

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