Happy Somerset Day 2021

Happy Somerset Day 2021

Released On 8th May 2021

We asked the staff here at OB what they loved about living in Somerset - there were some great answers, 

Watch the 15-second video of their responses at the bottom of this blog.

So, what are some of the things folk love about Somerset?




Just around the corner from the Owen Barry factory, we have one of Somerset's oldest family cider makers, producing the good stuff since 1841,  just 180 years or so!  Hecks still presses and matures all of its ciders, juices and perrys in the traditional way on the same site it always has.  Hecks cider has a much more traditional flavour,(fermented in oak barrels and sold draught from the wood) than say, Thatchers the best known and biggest Somerset cider maker, but honestly, we have SO MANY cider producers, you will never go thirsty when you visit Somerset.


Perhaps you don't like cider, well there are lots of local springs close to Owen Barry, some more fruitful than others, The White Spring & The Chalice Well both in Glastonbury produce "red" and "white" water virtually side by side. Some springs are free, the others charge, for free spring water what is always popular you should go to Coxley Spring Well on the side of the road between Glastonbury and Wells for glorious fresh spring water that has been filtered by the porous lime stone as it emerges from the Mendip Hills.


Talking of the Mendip hills, these are just one of 5 glorious hill ranges that completely encompass Somerset,  with the Mendips to the North, Poldens in the middle with the Blackdowns, Quantocks and Exmoor to the south. 

But it isn't all about hills, the Somerset levels and beaches are filled with a more barren beauty but offer homes to some of the country's best bird sanctuaries.


Cheddar Cheese 

Cheddar cheese is a toughie, once again a bit like the cider there are so many producers around the area, each with its own process, flavour and different maturities. For the writer, I prefer Greens, - sorry they don't even have a website (that I can find !),  anyway, I shouldn't be eating any cheese because the scales don't appreciate it and once I start I can't stop, but sufficed to say come to Somerset and you'll have plenty of cheddars to choose from.


Being only 5 miles from Glastonbury Festival, many of the OB team volunteer there every year, some of us since 1995 !! - it is great fun if very hard work, but over the years we have been lucky enough to see some of the worlds leading artists.

Anybody who has been will tell you that Glastonbury is not all about the music, it's about the culture (which you cannot appreciate until you see the scale of it)  but when you are stood in the sunshine, cider in hand on a Sunday afternoon singing Jolene at the top of your lungs, trust me, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.




- Well, we can't take credit for sunshine,  although with the various lockdowns we have all been blessed with cleaner air and brighter skies a result of reduced pollution.  Owen Barry are strong supporters of all things sustainable, local and green,  hopefully, this reassures you that when you buy British made from OB that comes with a lifetime guarantee it will, in its small way help all of us to reduce carbon consumption and stop the disposable culture.

Handbags, Sheepskins and Owen Barry

Yes well perhaps the team might have been a bit partisan with those choices !, but you've got to love them for trying!  The Barry family have been part of the Somerset leather and sheepskin industry for approaching 100 years, so we are extemely grateful for everything that Somerset has given us. Below is an image of the tannery team from 1935, Reginald Barry (Owen's father) is the gentleman seated (without a cap) middle second row, with the very impressive moustache. The present factory is located right next to where this picture was taken.



So that's a tiny snap shot of just a few of the things we love about Somerset, please come and see it for yourselves, we think it is very special.

Here is the video of the team - Happy Somerset Day 2021 folks




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