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Released On 6th Jan 2019

Your 2019 horoscope – The bag we suggest for you !!

The start of each New Year brings predictions, every magazine, supplement or tabloid is telling you what is going to happen in the next 12 months
Whether it is the planets & stars, the Year of the Pig, the cards or the runes – someone will tell you about your personality and your forthcoming good or poor fortune.
This year I only read a couple, one was standard; Personally I think Mercury has been retrograde since 1992 – AND ??
The second one was trying to be very honest, so much so,  that the warning of possible suicidal tendencies was just that bit too heavy – WHAT ?? !!
So here at OB we decided, if they could do it – so could we:
Here you are, your perfect match for 2019 from the OB mystics:

Water signs -Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio  

Water Signs – Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio

You are ultra-observant, a deep thinker, you are the most perceptive of all the star signs, an emotional caring person, you are content with your tribe & like to always be included, but your intelligence means interaction must be meaningful, otherwise you can get kind of distracted, and (sorry!) bored, we would never dare to say crusty!

Water signs we love you because you undoubtedly have a unique way of looking at the world. Your perspective & vivid imagination shines thru, you are naturally gifted with creative flare, OB customisation offer thrives in your designer hands.

These are the bags we suggest for Water signs and why:

Luna – This bag appeals to your attention to detail, the multi-function and beautiful lines, -  Water signs love fluidity and designs that offer more than meets the eye. The OB Luna is a mid-size bag, that offers that big capacity and variety of ways to wear it, enabling you to style it up as only as Water Sign can !

Howlett – appeals to your dreamy nature, you can use this bag, in a myriad of occasions, see yourself walking by the beach, or more likely on a windswept desolate landscape.  Howlett is ultra-lightweight, with zipper closure, so yes she’s practical but that practicality is well concealed in the bohemian shell – and inside? Yes, a generous suspended zip purse for all your secrets & special keepsakes.

Asherwood – This bag appeals to your appreciation of magical and private, the asymmetrical front, appeals to your darker quirky side, and the hidden zipper under the flap obviously keeps the contents secure.  The adjustable crossbody strap and deep back slip pockets ensure you have you hands free for when your superhero side has to perform – AGAIN ?




Fire signs - Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Fire Signs – Aires, Leo and Sagittarius

What can we tell you – you already know (yes admit it – you know best !) you are passionate, funny, caring, with amazing instincts, always popular, the go-to person, that people look up to, especially when the s..t hits the fan.  But does that strong larger than life persona perhaps cover an independent, freedom loving soul? Do you sometimes just want to get away and live life on your own terms?

Fire signs we love you because, you make us laugh, even when we are the butt of your ruthless remarks, you address life head on and never run away from your responsibilities, you give optimism to every person and situation that you touch.

These are the bags we suggestion for you Fire Signs

Mathilde – Had to be the first bag we picked for Fire signs because it’s a superhero’s bag, it is an OB signature style, that quickly converts from a backpack to a shoulder bag, big enough to carry all of your weapons and props, Mathilde will be you perfect sidekick -always ready for action.

Georgie – No brainer, daytime wear to party bag, she reflects your attitude to life, ready for anything, zipper closure for security, sassy combinations and a removable crossbody adjustable strap. Georgie is your perfect bag, she carries all lives essentials, but doesn’t get in the way – she complements your need for speed.

Pepsi – you love Pepsi’s show stopping power, the perfect size, lightweight, quick easy access available in multiple strong colours, no point in choosing anything boring.  Pepsi is well crafted and perfected to a level that appeals to the Fire signs need for clean, functional, no mess design

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You are extremely intelligent, if a little elusive, adventurous and fun loving, you are great communicators (when something interests you). Despite your lightning fast thinking when it comes to purchases of beautiful things you make decisions with your heart and your appreciation of beauty rather than with your head (too boring!).

Air signs – we love you, because you love different individual badass things. Design is crucial to you, if it can be functional as well, then great, but primarily it must appeal to your individuality and great taste.

These are the bags we suggest for you Air sign and why:

Iggy – totally individual with a multitude of colour combinations, that can be personalised – it converts from shoulder to cross body and then a clutch, quickly and easily, it even has a suspended zip pocket for all your keep sakes and important stuff. Other people would use this pocket for security, but not you - life’s too short, we understand.

Fibbel – you need important stuff but frankly, aren’t quite sure (or can’t be bothered?) what that will be – so it’s easier to have a big bag that will hold it all, books, gym kit, travel essentials.  Fibbel is a well-designed capacious bag with crossbody & shoulder straps – this bag is perfect for busy lives, zipper closure so no worries – grab it and go – where ??? who cares, as long as it’s stimulating.

Hesta – you love this bag – because it’s easy, not too big or too small, you can use it day or night, unfussy but absolutely oozes quality, you don’t need Hesta to make a flamboyant statement – you’re the star of the show, Hesta just endorses your very great taste – and subtly tells onlookers you are intelligent enough to buy British and eco-friendly.

Earth Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

Earth Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

Wow,  last but by no means least, Earth signs really are the foundations that none of us can function without !!   Earth signs are strong, realistic, hard workers, they like to be sure that everything is running smoothly, and will persist to the bitter end to ensure everything works as per their meticulous plans.  Not overly frivolous the one thing Earth signs really appreciate are the very best things in life and will work tirelessly to achieve them.

We love you Earth signs because deep down you are quite quirky with a genuine appreciation of quality, luxury and traditional craftsmanship that frankly none of the other signs can equal!

We know you don’t believe this rubbish – but it’s just a bit of fun , see what we suggest for you:

Coxley – an OB bestseller, Coxley is ideal for busy lives, with a double zipper top it is deep and capacious with multiple inside leather pockets, designed to hold files, water bottle, even an extra pair of shoes, the quality of this bag shines through, endorsing Earth signs appreciation of the finer things only the best traditional British manufacture can offer.

Dales – has to be a must have bag for Earth signs, it is so functional with a multitude of different pockets, zipper & snap, inside, outside and concealed, all topped off with a practical yet stylish cowhide flap. The adjustable well-balanced strap means Dales can be filled to capacity and still sit comfortably on the shoulder or neatly across your body – no bad backs here.

Ronson – smart, sharp and straight to the point, these are Ronson features that Earth signs appreciate.  Ronson, embodies the warrior spirit you admire lightweight with a back-zipper pocket, sunken zipper close and adjustable cross body strap, fit for purpose every time – Ronson is the bag to have in your corner especially when you are on a mission.


There you are – do you agree with our predictions, analysis and pairings ?– We hope so, and certainly it was just a bit of fun.

One thing we do know FOR SURE - Every sign in the zodiac appreciates the Owen Barry Lifetime Guarantee 

Please have a happy, healthy and peaceful 2019.


Credits: Image of Tor Hill taken by Alan Casling - Amateur award winning photographer  who works in the Owen Barry Factory in the quality control and finishing area 




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