Making of Moving Pictures

Released On 9th Dec 2018

Owen Barry have joined the Moving Picture Industry !

This week has seen a bit of a change for Owen Barry, and our efforts to raise awareness of our brand and Christmas Offers in the UK marketplace.

We have taken to the medium of moving pictures!! 

And much like the Keystone Cops before me it feels like I am running around in circles trying to find the right way to go !

In fairness, I realise that it’s a huge crazy market place out there and my little 1-2 minute segments are hardly going to give Mr Spielberg a run for his money nor are they going to cost the budget of our competitors in the luxury handbag market – but as they say, from little acorns…….

So tell me what did you think of my efforts so far – if you haven’t seen one click here for my latest effort……..


The actual filming of the clip and uploading was a bit of a steep learning curve, with all last weekends first endeavours being pretty traumatic (exaggerated), but very difficult andfrustrating, Brett had a lot of patience and editing to do, but, as they say, once you know what you are doing, it’s not so bad.

Now the most difficult thing is the subtitles or captions, for someone who is much more interested in the correct writtengrammar and punctuation, the captions and my Somerset colloquialisms  have been a more challenging task, over time I wonder if it will, in fact, brow beat me into using better diction, and make me cut out the umms and “arrrs” (Wurzelstyle) ?

Although generously, some of our customers have said they like that ‘honesty’ and natural presentation, so hopefully it works at that level – and doesn’t make the Brand seem too rustic, cuzz as we all know OB sells into some very impressive doors worldwide, and I wouldn’t want them to think that here at OB we are all carrot crunchers (…..just me !!) 

But much more importantly customers have said it helps to get an understanding of the bags, their size, features and fittings – pockets and straps, and especially how they easily covert into other “uses” etc.  

Obviously, I know the styles inside out and I mention those things, never realising that not everybody has grasped some of the alternative uses – which is really good result.

So at the moment it is looking like I will carry on chasing my 15 minutes of fame bringing you daily 1-2 minute Advent offers on the run up to Christmas, whether I carry on into the New Year bringing new designs, offers and news, I guess will depend in you and your feedback – as you know I have very broad shoulders, in more ways than one, so don’t hesitate in telling me; I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and critique.

AND - Please don’t worry about saying “NO STOP!” cuzz if nothing else, it will save me from having to iron different tops – I have found things in the back of my wardrobe that haven’t been ironed for at least 2 years – so there is always an upside.

Although, that said, I shall have to think about a new outfit for the BAFTAs……..


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