5 reasons to chose suede

5 reasons to chose suede

Released On 9th Oct 2020

In days gone by suede has been the “summer" choice of the bohemian fashionista.

We can all picture sunny images of beautiful smiling people in suede skirts, boots and fringed shoulder bags. Items that were relegated to the back of the cupboard when the carefree holiday was over. But nowadays we're seeing suede being chosen much more frequently all year round. In many cases being picked in preference to velvet.

Here are our thoughts on why that might be the case:

1. In the home

Velvet has always had a plushness associated with elegance. Typically to retain that elegance velvet has to be treated with great care and respect. 
These days in our busy houses, that just doesn’t work. Flattened pile and cat’s hairs are actually the opposite of elegant! 
However the “new” kid on the block, suede, is much more robust and easy to keep looking plush. That “S” pile gently reflects the light and has a deep jewel finish. It can be brushed and quickly made to look as good as new again. 
Plus, the tightness of the suede fibres means hat pet odours find it much harder to permeate the suede.

2. That hardwearing factor

It's super important in the fast-moving fashion industry. Again suede's pile won’t flatten and that skirt, jacket, or bag can easily be refreshed with a suede brush or the cheaper version a dry foam scouring pad! 

3. On-trend - Fashion

We see suede being chosen in preference to velvet or velour. As trends change and the younger among us are more relaxed, true velvet cut from silk blends has a reputation of being slightly old fashioned. It's also very expensive, and seems to be associated with an ageing aunt or a fading actor.

4. On-trend - Environment

Even though the more affordable velour is constructed of mainly polyester, and therefore not as planet-friendly, suede is a bi-product of the food industry and 100% biodegradable. 

5. Value for money

suede, like anything leather has a timeless quality. It very rarely dates, is super hardwearing and can be relied on as a classic. Very often the patina of age makes it more appealing to the youngsters in the family.

And finally, we've added a bonus 6th reason – the fact that we have a great selection of popular suede products throughout the website, tells us suede leather is even more appealing than ever.

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