Sheepskin hot water bottle covers - not just for bedtime

Sheepskin hot water bottle covers - not just for bedtime

Released On 15th Nov 2020

Our Owen Barry sheepskin hotties have just featured in a Wall Street Journal article.

In it the writer suggests the pleasures of open-top car journeys through the changing autumnal foliage, wrapped up against the cold with a shearling hat, gloves and cosy hottie neatly positioned in the small of your back – bliss.

That got us thinking, where else can you use a sheepskin covered hot water bottle cover – and why would you want to?

The whys

  1. Because the sheepskin keeps the bottle insulated, it will never burn you, no matter how hot the water.
  2. That insulation also means the heat escapes a lot more slowly, giving you hours of sustained warmth.
  3. Economics: Environmental, turning down the heating thermostat and snuggling up with a hottie helps the planet hugely
  4. Economics: Monetary, when you turn central heating down you are obviously keeping pennies in your pocket – win, win.
  5. Pain relief put that hottie on the point of the pain and most of the time it offers much-needed comfort.

The where’s

  1. Sports matches: I appreciate at the moment we can’t fill stadiums, however, there are many local matches and events that will be going ahead once lockdown has lifted, and the touchline warmth of a hottie tucked in the back of your trousers, when your little darling is doing his or her best Lionel Messi trick shots surely has to be one of your best-kept secrets.
  2. On the riverbank, painting en Plein air, birdwatching, all of these and many more hobbies can get a little chilly sometimes.
  3. In the workplace, sat at the desk, sat in a van or forklift etc. at the market, many of us have jobs where a little extra warmth would make life much more bearable.
  4. Camping – a hottie must be the biggest Godsend ever.
  5. On the sofa, snuggled up before bed and of course when we snuggle down to sleep.
  6. Comfort for poorly pets.

Those are a few of our suggestions, let us know which ones we have missed.

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