Start of Advent 2020

Start of Advent 2020

Released On 1st Dec 2020

This year we have tried to make sure that the Advent daily deals include something for everybody, so there is going to be a wide range of products and price points

Coming up during the month you will get:-

Sheepskin Rugs from £29

Men’s hand-sewn sheepskin gloves at half price

The iconic Mathilde leather Backpack at £99

Rare breed sheepskin seat pads - limited availability

Every day there will be another great bargain from our OB Somerset workshop

We sincerely hope you enjoy it and can grab yourself a treat - you deserve it, this year more than ever xx

So let’s kick off with a bang

Large Cowhide Eco beanbags, reduced from £499 to £399

Our normal cowhide beans sell for £799 so hopefully, you can see this is a fantastic saving.

But what makes these beanbags eco? I hear you ask, well it’s because of the cowhide that we upcycle, for these stunning pieces we use the excesses from our standard lifestyle and bag production.

Every cowhide is different, everyone has different markings, colours and characteristics, which is fantastic when you want individual purses, bags and cushions etc, but that also means that there are a lot of pieces

of cowhide that don’t necessarily match their neighbours, so this makes it more tricky to cut uniform products.

Hence the Eco cowhide beanbags, the very essence of these beautiful pieces is that every panel and thereby every beanbag is totally individual.

As you can see from the video, we have multiple panels that we mix and match making sure there is a great variety in every bag, then they are numbered in sequence and machined, I believe that is what makes every one of these beanbags just that extra bit special = you know there is never going to be another like it anywhere else in the world, and of course that it is great for the environment.

We only have enough pieces to make a few of these every season, so my advice would be grab them whilst you can at this unbeatable price.


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