The 50:50:50 Bag for Covid causes

Released On 21st Mar 2020

The 50:50:50 Bag

There are two key reasons why we launched The 50:50:50 Bag, 

both of them great reasons and both of them very important - but to different groups of people.

Like most UK businesses small and large,  Owen Barry have been seriously affected by the Coronavirus, we have had to ask staff to reduce their hours as orders have dried up and sadly cancellations have started to come in as many of our major retailers are having to close their doors and lay off their own staff to save costs. 

Presently whilst we try to understand the long term implications and try to find out how to access the UK Governments wages support we have decided to keep busy by cutting and making our ever popular Gamekeeper crossbody bag as a "charity" project that we have named The 50:50:50 Bag, that will sell for just £50 !

Why that name ? ……..

well, 50% of the proceeds* from the sale of these bags will go to Covid Causes - there is an asterisk after proceeds - because the first £10 has to be paid to HMRC for VAT - unless any clever accountants can advise us how to get around that, we would be thrilled to hear from you !


£20, this goes to Covid Causes - PLEASE if you have any suggestions which ones, let us know, we will be asking again on social and via OB newsletters etc - so PLEASE tell us who should receive the proceeds, we are happy to divvy up into a variety of pots.

£20 this stays with Owen Barry, making a contribution towards some of the materials, wages etc. - it won't cover all our costs or any of our overheads, but that's not the point and it will help to keep the team occupied whilst we are waiting for things to turn around.

To tell you a bit about the design:-

The 50:50:50 - this is a style many hardcore Owen Barry fans already know and love - i.e. the Gamekeeper style - yippee it's back :o)

There are a few upgrades from the original;  50:50:50 now has an adjustable crossbody webbing strap. Inside the bag, there is a secure large leather zipper pocket - still the usual YKK zips with standard OB runners.

All the hardware is the standard OB quality stock, so all super high quality from our Italian resources (another good reason to support this bag).

Handcut from canvas that is excess from standard production, this canvas is a glorious weight, firm, robust and really fit for purpose, it is double-sided, meaning there is no requirement for an inside lining. 

Cowhide flap - well this is obviously one of our specialities, this is the beautiful OB quality, hand-selected and hand-cut.

I hope you are getting the message, there is no compromise here, just because we are selling this bag for charity doesn't mean that we are compromising our usual quality and great value for money ideals.

The Owen Barry insignia is front left hand - as always endorsing your support of 100% British Made and in this case, Covid causes - thank you.

The 50:50:50 is perfect for busy lives, it is a very generous size, it is a great weight, it will hold a 13" laptop and easily A4 papers/ files, the fireman's clasp closure means the deep cowhide flap is even more secure. 

There is a reason why people keep asking for the return of the Gamekeeper style, because it is a super versatile design, and we believe there is no better time for it to return - we hope you agree.

Here is my video explaining how exceptionally Owen Barry staff have been towards each other in these difficult times 

Some Terms and Conditions

Friends and Family Discount - for the first time ever, we are not allowing you to use your discount code - sorry folks we hope you understand why.

There is no Free P&P on single purchases - if you buy multiples then yes you get the benefit of free P&P.

There are NO returns - this is a beautiful bag from the OB stable - IF very big IF,  we have made a faulty bag, VERY unusual but possible, then we will accept it back - BUT we will not accept it back just because you don't like it or have changed your mind and if you do return it we will NOT refund the carriage.

Just thought you needed to know the T&C's right from the get-go - we feel they are firm but fair in these circumstances!! 




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