What’s ahead for 2021?

What’s ahead for 2021?

Released On 28th Jan 2021

It wasn't all bad

We think 2021 is going to be an improvement on 2020 for all of us. Well we pray it is!!

To be honest, 2020 was not all bad and certainly here at Owen Barry, we have loads of new projects on the horizon. Plus, a new member to the OB team to keep us smiling along the way...

In September, Chas and her partner Jack were blessed with the arrival of their first baby – Reuben or 'Roo' for short. As many of you know we are a small team here at OB, so the arrival of a new addition is exciting for everybody regardless of their job. We used to think having Bromley our cockerpoo in the workshop was fun, but having a baby to entertain is a whole new level altogether.

Youngest model ever

Funnily enough, mobility at 4 months old, prevents Roo from getting too involved in the production, but as you can see from the images it certainly does not stop him from wear testing our kid’s sheepskin beanbags (called small beanbags on the website) or modelling the sheepskin booties.  

It is those sheepskin booties that signal the launch of the Owen Barry slipper collection. For many years’ customers (both OB end consumers and retailers) have asked us to reprieve our sheepskin footwear manufacture, and eventually, we have decided that 2021 is the year to do just that!

Slippers in the 50s

During the 1950s thru to the early 1970s slippers played a big part in the OB range. However, at that time, our hometown of Street in Somerset was the location of the Clarks Shoes HQ together with several of its factories and frankly, it became too difficult to retain footwear staff!  At that time C&J Clarks (the UK’s largest family-owned footwear company) was growing from strength to strength opening factories all over the UK and their A grade cutters and machinists were like royalty in our industry commanding salaries that a little company like ours couldn’t match, so we just gave up making slippers! We concentrated our production on outerwear and accessories!

New slippers for 2021

Now with Clarks no longer producing shoes in our village and customers looking to again buy from British manufacturers we have decided to reprieve our traditional skills.

Hopefully, during the next few weeks, you will see the launch of our new footwear collection made from the finest British skins all hand-cut and made in back here in Somerset.

The range includes an adult bootie, a slider and an eco-slipper that uses sheepskin pieces left over from our other product lines. Ironically the same way that Cyrus and James Clark made their first slippers from sheepskin off-cuts over 200 years ago! What is it they say? There is nothing new under the sun!

Keep an eye on the website a social media for more news on this exciting new collection coming soon.


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