Complementary Dust Bags – you’re welcome !!

Released On 14th May 2016

We had been avoiding this event for several years now – primairly because of the eco implications of dust bags and frankly the cost – obviously Owen Barry (unlike some other “UK”manufacturers) can’t use those “paper bags” coz they are imported with a huge carbon footprint. Obviously, any dust bag that Owen Barry is going to give away has to be British Made, Eco friendly AND I felt our bags should be worn, enjoyed, & allowed to age gracefully - much like the owners !

So when people kept asking about it , saying how lovely our handbags were, how they deserved to have a dust bag to keep them clean and safe - I would say ""if you're that bothered use an old pillow case"" 

So what changed my mind ? Well two things -the first, several years ago, I had phone call from a customer out of the blue, customer service call really, not actually to complain but primarily to ask why we didn't give dust bags, - don't ask me why, but fortunately my subconscious told me not to be too flippant - I refrained from saying ""use an old pillowcase"" .

Well,  it transpired that this lady had aspired to an Owen Barry bag for many years and for their 25th wedding anniversary her husband had bought her, as a surprise, a Silver Acido bag (I think a Dudley- but not sure) - Well hubby died not long after and this bag meant the world to her! At the end of the conversation I promised her I would look at it regularly, annually at least and consider my stance.

True to my word - I did that, but because of the cost, every bag costs approximately £5 and uses a third of a metre of fabric I really still couldn't justify it - until January this year and ""the carrier bag law"". Everybody now needs shopper totes and a variety of bags because plastic carriers no longer ""catch all"" in our lives.

So here we are with the Owen Barry Dust Bag and as you would expect they are brilliant - easily good enough to use in their own right - they have the full veg tan branding, a drawstring, and two nice wide shoulder straps - they are ideal, good size, perfect for the beach, book bags and shopping or even storing your beloved OB bag when you aren't using it (which should be never) They really are made here in Street  from our fabric excesses, so they are all individual - plain, check, stripe, thin, thick but all superb quality. However, because  they are very costly to produce can only be given away with the more expensive bags in our collection.

Sadly, I don't know the  contact details of the Silver Acido lady to give her a bag, but hopefully her life has moved on and she now is happy with her beautiful memories of her husband rather than trying to keep them in a dust bag.

And I still feel that is how we all should be - live life for now and swing your OB over your shoulder - what the hell,  life's too short don't put it in a dust bag !!.

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