Counting My Blessings.....

Released On 12th Nov 2016

I am so bewildered by America’s decision that I have decided to only focus on positive and generous things in my blog this week. Here are some examples of kindness of spirit that I have witnessed this week....

Honesty box – at the down and dirty sale last week we had an array of un needed kiddies sheepskin samples, gilets, hats, mittens etc. Friends and family were invited to select from these in exchange for a contribution of whatever they felt appropriate – all of the proceeds going to Children’s Hospice South West – nearly £100 was raised. 
Jack sent off a £180 cheque on Monday, boosted because we were holding some raffle money left over from the factory tours;  when groups get back to the canteen after having the tour, they have tea & cake and an opportunity to win an OB purse –this always raises at least £15 a time in aid of CHSW.

Movember – Nine of the OB lads have signed up to Movember, joining the campaign to raise awareness of and funding for Prostate Cancer eradication – with sponsorship forms doing the rounds + online.  Rick has gone the extra mile by also donating home produced apple juice (2016 – superb vintage) and 6 bantams eggs for every £4 contributed.  
On Monday we saw 9 clean shaven baby’s bums, which in just 5 days have already started to look like a line up from the Usual Suspects!! – This photo shows our volunteer’s pre clean shaven as some were a little modest about the naked look – but watch this space for updates on who gets the most impressive handlebar!! – I’m sure there’s a John Inman double entendre loitering here!

GBBO  - Great Barry’s Bake Off – This is Sarah’s idea,  starting next week and in the run up to Christmas, a selection of our Mary Berrys are going to bring in home cooked items to sell for charity.  Unlike Movember which does seem a little gender specific – this is open to the girls as well !! I am unsure whether there is a prize at the end – it sounds like this is just a fore runner to a huge competition for 2017 (which is still in the planning stages). –All I know is that my slimming world membership plan already looks very shaky.

Gifts/Vouchers we had two people in this week who had either won or been given Owen Barry Gift vouchers. I was fascinated by the lady I served on Tuesday, she had won an OB voucher in a charity raffle and whilst she was desperately keen to spend it all on herself – she didn’t, she spent some of it on a friend whom she felt was ""equally deserving” of the gift.  

Whilst I was talking to her, the winner explained that was her system and it had been proven to bring her luck back many fold – every time she wins something (no matter how small) she shares the prize and somehow that means she wins again. I thought this was fascinating and was intrigued to know whether she was just born lucky, a hard core gambler or whether it was true evidence of the saying “to pay it forward” - I like to think the latter.

At the time (Tuesday) the two key rings that she bought with her voucher seemed a smashing choice, but looking back in the aftermath of the weeks events those two silver acido stars and the love, generosity and good fortune they represent made me realise yet again how very fortunate we are to live in Great Britain today ......

​And how even more apposite this Remembrance Sunday will be.   

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