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Released On 21st May 2016

10 Key things that guarantee a long term relationship……………with your bags:

Most of us want to find and enjoy a long term relationship with a very special favourite handbag. It is so exciting when you find that forever friend but how can you be sure this love is going to last???

​Below are the ten keys to long-term success in an owner/bag relationship:-
  1. Trustworthy – can Bag be relied on to keep you and your stuff safe, plenty of pockets, good deep flapovers, magdots, zips, and storage areas all very important – but not too possessive, there is nothing worse than fighting with Fort Knox fasteners  when you are trying to grab want you need.
  2. Well balanced – does Bag sit well all the time? Not slipping off, twisting and turning, trying to escape all the time, needy – always calling for attention and re-adjustment.
  3. He ain’t heavy - is Bag light and easy to carry?  and when full is his weight distributed evenly, ensuring you have good posture and no back problems 
  4. NO rough edges – okay perhaps we all like a bit of rough sometimes, but not for a long term relationship – look out for rigid bits and things that rub you up the wrong way – arghhhh badly constructed bags get very painful very quickly. Bag should be comfy, mould to your shape, be subtle and flattering, a great fit.
  5. Reinforces your values – Is Bag eco-friendly, using British and European leathers, which are all part of the food chain, Is Bag produced by skilled local staff who are paid a living wage. Is Bag proud to be British with a heritage you can rely on?
  6. Manages adversity and crisis – Does Bag come with a lifetime guarantee?? Most don’t and when you are the lucky owner of a Bag who does you appreciate all that means.
  7. Doesn’t waste your money – there is nothing worse than investing your hard earned and saved finances in something that doesn’t repay your investment. Is Bag great value for money, too cheap and he’ll collapse and look tatty very quickly, to expensive and he’ll always remind you that you paid over the odds and really wasn’t worth it.
  8. Adaptable – The best bags, know you want them to be flexible, straps that offer versatility, fit into small spaces, especially when travelling, offer a variety of uses and fit with many situations, work, leisure, daytime, evenings – the best Bag can be relied on for whatever occasion.
  9. Compatible – Is Bag offering you all of the above – then I can’t think of anything more than you could need apart from that he………….
  10. Loves you all the time – will Bag come back time and again, even if you have stored him away for a while,  will he bounce back looking good, getting complements and make you thrilled you were wise enough to choose him over all others – clever lady.
Emily Eavis kindly designed this TNG bag with the young Mum in mind - it is one of the most comfortable bags to wear - specifically designed to distribute the weight evenly. 20% of the sales of this bag go to the Glastonbury Abbey 'Rescue Our Ruins' Appeal.
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