Did Ya Miss Me ?

Released On 12th Feb 2017

I apologise in advance for the next four lines.
Did ya miss me ?  Yeah !!  When I was away ?
Did ya hang my picture on your wall?
Did ya miss me? Yeah !!  Every single day ?
I bet ya didn’t miss me at all ?
I know it’s not politically correct to use song lines from the repertoire of a low life scum bag who should rot in hell, but being a 70’s teenager that opening enquiry “Did ya miss me?” has to be followed with the come back and the strategically interspersed “Yeah’s” - SORRY

Anyway, whether you missed me or not, I’m back, following a very jam packed January/Early February meeting customers, hosting events, open days, plus building/breaking down and working trade show exhibition stands.

One of the most interesting parts of trade shows (apart from meeting my peers & customers of course) are seeing the trends that are out and about – below are the first few that pop to mind: -

Hygge - Still very much on trend is hygge (pronounced Hougah, rhymes with nougat, Nougar) – so despite needing a linguistics degree – Hygge is most definitely one of key looks going forward to 2017 – as E L James can testify Grey is definitely not dull !

Even in the tedious, lacklustre halls of the Birmingham NEC, many shades of grey, mixed with taupe and soft muted shades of ivory were in abundance – and they do look stunning  - classy, congenial & comforting, fitting well in most lifestyles, whether as a soft furnishings or as a fashion accessory –  you must get some Grey in your life (whips and paddles - optional extra).

Cactus – whether it be real or fake, large or small – you are nobody without a cactus in your living room.  Just because Herr Donald doesn’t like them (or perhaps because of that) we in the UK love something Mexican, and Cacti are this year’s embodiment of that.

Cactus plants embrace everything that designers love, they are:

  1. Green, the Pantone design colour of the year 2017 is Greenery – col no. 15-0343
  2. Architecturally beautiful – the strong plump waxy ridges and thick layered leaf sections, the lines of these succulents are ascetically very stunning.
  3. Quirky – with their spikes and bright blooms, the cactus is crying out for inclusion in the trendy household – (plus easy to maintain, just don’t hitch your duster on the needles!)
  4. Link props – They can be the conduit to bring in bright colours –and that brings me neatly to the next trend

Statement Strong Block colours in accessories and accent pieces – Green as referenced above, but also Delta Blue, Campari Red, Acid Pear, all the tropical colours – Owen Barry introduced our new Suave palette for 2017 and this sold extremely well – with Firebird Orange being a runaway success.

The strong head-turning hues are offering an answer to the customer who is ready to make a statement - For numerous reasons women really want to use their voice in 2017 and for those who are fed up with being “safe” – she who has worked hard, hunkered down, worn muted shades,  accepted her lot - in 2017 she wants to make a statement and a strong vibrant bag is just another way of embodying the need to be recognised.

Paper and the printed medium – we all know the Kindle and the internet was supposed to kill hardcopy books – but obviously, nobody told the card and book publishers that!! –

Of course, what we are seeing now is the evidence of their fightback – and bloody hell fire, all power to them, they are really giving it a great go. 

The most exquisite notebooks, scrap books, project managers, planners, all so tactile made of glorious quality paper - makes you want to sit under the boughs of an old oak tree writing prose or planning your next project – these books are becoming inspirational tools – like personal BFG dream jars in hard form – love them.

Ladybird Grown Up books– what a clever makeover, and I maintain all thanks to Terry Wogan and his ironic Janet and John stories.  There are so many great titles – they are the new toilet/coffee table books – my personal favourite “How It Works – The Husband”.

Finally, an honourable mention must go to the Designer packaged seed pellets - winning a highly commended in Gift of the Year Awards 2017  - WHAT!!!

This year, if you are an on-trend gardener, please note that your carrot seeds must come in a screw top brass tin (size of a shoe polish tin) that is adorned with a beautiful parchment hand drawn label and sowing instructions.

Inside the seeds have been individually coated into perfect spheres with a shell of fertiliser to promote growth – “nothing new there” I hear you shout – but wait,  this is a shell of fertiliser that is mixed with chilli pepper – ingenious.

I smile at the thought of Brer Rabbit and his slimy gastropod friends hopping around the seedling beds grasping burning bums and running with smoking parts to the cooling rainwater troughs –
I know the politically correct folk would say I am cruel,  but as the opening 4 lines proves – PC I’m not. 

Did ya miss me ?

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