Do you need a handbag that can seriously improve your posture and physical well-being?

Do you need a handbag that can seriously improve your posture and physical well-being?

Released On 27th Aug 2017

Well, I think Owen Barry has the answer.

This week I was on the road again, travelling to the depths of North Wales visiting customers, an absolutely delightful part of the UK where the hospitality is second to none.

It was whilst I was visiting one of my clients that the medical benefits of Owen Barry Bags came into the conversation, specifically the Mathilde (our signature shoulder bag that quickly adapts into a backpack).

Rewind, rewind, a CB sales appointment usually goes like this: - 

I arrive at the shop or business, introduce myself and get chatting about life, I always stay away from weather, my tip - you don’t want to be predictable – think of something quirky and ideally interesting to break the ice.

With the buyer, we will start nattering about business in general and discussing the nitty gritty “How has Owen Barry been performing for you?”

After that, I open the case and start showing ALL the different styles, the new ones, the classic’s, going thru the range, they come out of the case in a random fashion: -  purses, crossbodies, shoulder bags, no rhyme or reason, as each one comes out we will quickly natter about its merits, pointing out any special features or advancements in the styling, we have nearly 40 bags to get thru – so I can’t hang about.

The buyer will briefly consider each style, rejecting it as unsuitable, a possible, or a definite, this judgement can be made on various factors: - proven sales, their own preferences, what they have requirement for, price, feedback from customers, guidance from me, etc. etc.

We will then talk about skins, colours and quantities.

But it was at the first selection stage where the medical benefits of Mathilde (and her “siblings”) were pointed out to me.

As Mathilde emerged from my suitcase the customer affectionately said “Oooohhhh, here she is, this is our bestselling bag”.

“Oh, that’s good news” I modestly replied.

“No really, they’re brilliant, I think every lady with a bad back should have one”.

Nodding politely, I’m thinking; “She’s lost it , but don’t argue, just be grateful for the sale!

However, very quickly, I went from cautiousness to “buy in” as it became clear the customer did indeed have evidence to support her “claim” and enthusiasm.

It transpired that following the purchase & regular use of an OB Mathilde  a local physiotherapist/chiropractor had started recommending them to her patients. She loved hers because of the light weight, comfortable balanced fit it was providing, plus a good looking stylish handbag that seamlessly transformed into a back pack. 

We all know, when most ladies reach a certain age (and let’s be blunt, income), they don’t want to carry a normal backpack.  So, whilst they understand the benefits of wearing one, because the vast majority in the marketplace are very young in styling or worse, student/skater ish they are not at all appealing.

But the OB Mathilde has become an alternative, and this shop had found a real niche market, as well as standard customers who were just searching for a great looking lightweight shoulder bag combo, it was also serving a very specific clientele with very specific needs: -

The busy lady who needs to ensure a good healthy posture, someone who needs a lightweight stylish bag that is, number one, COMFORTABLE, plus voluminous enough to carry virtually everything (evenly) , whether business or pleasure. Last but not least, it is quickly adapted to be an elegant shoulder bag that reflects her real sophistication.

So, there you have it folks, the best slogan I have heard in ages.

“Buy an Owen Barry bag, cuzz it will save you pounds in medical treatment”!

– no seriously, we have all had a horrible nagging back pain sometime in our lives and if regular use of the Mathilde or any other lightweight, comfy Owen Barry bag can offer relief, then I say - fantastic I am over the moon to hear it.

Moving on - I wonder if brain surgery ought to become my next speciality?

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Mathilde leather bag

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