Dot, Alice Clark & Reprimands

Dot, Alice Clark & Reprimands

Released On 2nd Jul 2017

Dot retired this week........

For everybody in team OB (other than perhaps Dot)  that was a very sad and emotional event.

Dot has been a key member of our team or as she called it "the family" for 12 years.

What can I tell you about Dot ?  -well,  she is tiny in stature and HUGE in personality,  a machinist all her working life, Dot started at Clarks top stitching shoes in her teens and has been sewing ever since.

Dot loves creating things, even her leaving gifts were beautiful hand crafted tokens that reflected the recipients personality, hobby, likes or circumstances for example mine was a "Queen Bee", Chas's was "the house that Jack built", Sarah's, a horse, Mary's a cup cake.

You get the drift, each memento had been thought through,  planned, designed, hand cut and sewn with love, care and the most intricate of detailing - so much kindness and generosity.

Filling her gap will be impossible.

Another strong lady who has featured in my thoughts this week - Alice Clark, the Quaker daughter of the Clarks Footwear family who commissioned and personally paid for Greenbank Swimming pool.

Greenbank was originally intended for use by the women and children of Street - thereby saving their blushes, you see, in the 1930's every summer, the menfolk insisted on swimming naked in our local River Brue - therein the lido is a more decorous place for delicate folk.

But 80 years on this year, the stunning Art Deco lido has now welcomed over four & half million swimmers and occupies a very very special place in the heart of all Street residents - providing us all with pockets full of childhood memories.

Both of these ladies were small but very determined and their generosity and kindness an example that all us girls should endeavour to replicate.

So typing these sentiments, brings to mind a letter I received a few weeks ago from a lady strongly reprimanding me.

She felt that my attitude in my blog was cynical and unkind in various ways, but most recently, especially when I was describing a "young security man from Sainsbury's" - she felt I should have more respect for this person and family, that my ridicule was cheap, unkind and uncalled for.

I would agree wholeheartedly - if this young man had in fact existed.

Please can I set the records straight, in case others of you felt that my remarks were "not nice", he, like some others I write about was 100% a figment of my imagination.  He was described and exaggerated purely for comic effect - Sorry.

Foolishly, I hadn't considered that not everybody would realise, we don't have the need for security guards in Street ! (except Glastonbury week - when all our spirit aisles have one either end = 150k outsiders ).

I will apologise again to anybody who finds my Somerset humour too robust - I have worked in factory for 41 years (all my working life) and I guess, the wit and sarcasm are something that becomes engrained and what you are sometimes reading is a blunt reflection of that - I will try to be "nicer".

I will try to be more like Alice and Dot - delightful, kind and loving ladies.

But, if I slip and end up skinny dipping in the Brue with the factory lads, - then sorry,  what can I say, I might be a lost cause.

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