Easter Scoop - Coachella, Glastofest & Barry Manilow!

Released On 15th Apr 2017

Just in case you haven’t noticed it is Coachella Weekend!!!
Looking at all the press, fashion journals and social media, seeing all the beautiful people going to Coachella for the first weekend of 2017 festival fun – I have to say, I feel quite envious, it brought back recent memories of when I was there just 4 weeks ago.

Whilst Chas and I were visiting California on business (Source British trade show in LA) we had the opportunity to drive out of town and into the desert and actually stay in the Coachella Valley – it is stunning, jaw droppingly impressive. 

I must say, I might be a Somerset girl, but nowadays, in a nano second, I know Coachella would easily beat Glastonbury Festival hands down -  the venue, infrastructure, the food and let’s face it, the weather are all absolutely superb.

Some will say, “my coming out” is very controversial, as I have been happily married to Glastonbury since 1978, but I must speak as I find and nowadays I much prefer quality over quantity – in everything, not just festivals.

For me and many other people, one off beautiful items or experiences that are saved for and savoured, makes them ultimately far more enjoyable and longer lasting than any easily attainable slash and burn adventure or product.

Some of us older duffers remember the Christmas’s and pocket moneys of the past, where the saving for and anticipation of the gift/bike/doll/record was nearly as satisfying as getting it.

Off course, it is an age thing as well, with Glastonbury comes the never-ending rain and mud, dubious food, followed by the dubious toilets!  PLUS sleeping in a damp cold tent do lose their appeal after 30 + years – Adele or no Adele.

So, that is what I am doing -  but not just with festivals, with life in general, saving for things that are perhaps a little more expensive, but ultimately, much better value for money, something that will last longer and not very quickly let you down, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. 

I know you are intelligent enough that I don’t need to bang home the parallel between Owen Barry products with their quality, eco provenance and lifetime guarantee and some of our less reliable neighbours.

You are the first to hear my Easter Scoop, I am sure that my coming out and dumping Glastonbury festival will be as much of an anti-climax as Barry Manilow, and many of you will say “about time – she’s been hanging onto those hippy delusions for far too long”….maybe, but we all have to learn our lessons in our own time!!

California Dreaming ?? – yes, my savings would take Brett and I back to the Joshua Tree and Mojave in preference to Coachella Festival or even Burning Man – I think I have done all the festivals I ever need to, leave that “pleasure” to someone else.

Have a Super Easter xx
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Chas in the Coachella Valley last Month
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