FAUX FUR -v- REAL FUR??.......neither!!

Released On 13th Aug 2016

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Faux Fur – NO thank you - Real Fur – NO thank you - Toscana “Fur” – YES please

Many of the world’s leading retailers are waking up to the realisation that the “competition” between Faux Fur and Real fur is just too dangerous to be involved in – why,  because both products come with huge environmental and ethical consequences.

When weighing the arguments for both sides the educated consumer is choosing neither.

Faux Fur
is made from petro chemicals i.e. non-renewable petroleum-based products, such as nylon, acrylic and polyester, which is treated with heat and chemicals to improve its look and feel.  Even the machine washing of faux fur is proven to release large number of plastic particles into the water course, eventually swilling into the sea – it is feared that these non bio degradable particles kill marine life and disrupt the natural balance of the food chains. Plus their disposal (in landfill) similarly takes 1000 years to decompose. 

Real Fur
comes with all of the ethical issues of hunting or breeding animals purely for vanity, us Brits love our animals so killing them to dress a wealthy diva is generally offensive to our principles. Plus in some less scrupulous areas of the world the care of the animals is horrific followed by very primitive tanning and dying processes that still use heavy chemicals that are poisonous and carcinogenic leached in the water courses.  Nowadays with hunting and poaching controls in place, it is fair to say most of the wild populations are no longer hunted to extinction.  But the farming of exotic animals whose meat has no real commercial value or market is still a questionable industry.

The educated consumer is choosing Sheepskin – frankly the only eco and ethical option 

As we all know – all of the sheepskin that Owen Barry and virtually all other British sheepskin manufacturers’ use is 100% a bi-product of the food industry. No European (or Australasian) animal has been killed solely for its pelt. 

Through the strict controls of the farming bodies, the husbandry, care/movement and slaughter of these food chain animals, followed by the tanning process & the disposal of the effluents is now a very clean and tightly controlled endeavour, only using light chemical processes.

At Owen Barry we feel that whilst everybody wants to be on trend, that fashion objective should not be at any cost. Consumers nowadays owe it to themselves be an intelligent body, who furnish themselves with the facts, weigh up the arguments.

Many of our customers remark “But your Pom Pom’s look just like fur”– well take my word for it they are most definitely sheepskin – A very elegant Toscana sheepskin but certainly NOT anything exotic or fur. 

​We select a breed of Toscana sheep that has a particularly long wool, this happens because of the land they graze, based high up on the southern plains of the Alps, they are quite small sheep and therefore need to grow a full coat of long wool so that very fine fibres trap the air and thereby keep the animals snuggly warm in their natural terrain, i.e. Mother Nature’s way of providing luxury.

We are thrilled to say that this winter the educated fashion chains have chosen Toscana Sheepskin Pom Pom’s and ours are going to available in some of the world’s leading stores from Rockefeller Centre on 5th Ave ($69) to exclusive boutiques in Singapore (SG$85)– approx. £50 sterling.
You can get yours direct from our factory store or online at www.owenbarry.com – but be quick whilst stocks last at this fantastic summer sale price £12.50.

Please be an educated consumer – for the sake of our children.
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