Festival Photo Foray.....

Released On 4th Jun 2016

Tips for getting the best from your photo shoot –  the Owen Barry way.

Whether it’s just you and an iPhone or a full entourage of models, photographers, makeup artists, caterers, lighting and assistants there is really only one thing you need to do to ensure you get the very best from your photo shoot and that is PLAN, and PLAN well and then PLAN some more.

Of course all the best laid plans of mice and men can be scuppered, but at least if you have thought through all of the main “what if’s” then you have done your best.

Last week saw us taking images for our Festival collection – so not exactly the hardest of themes for us!!, but it still has to be done correctly, there is actually a very fine line between quirky or left field  and just grungy or lazy !!  Similarly floaty and carefree can very easily fall into “clichéd hippy” which none of us want (especially us old un’s – ha ha !!) 

The first thing is obviously a great team, Emma, Chas & I have now got a fantastic working relationship with Tim our photographer and Layla our model of the moment, - That is key,  but frankly how to build a team like ours is a topic for a whole other blog!

So team in place what else is there left to do – quite a bit actually.

  • Choose the bags/colours – suitable for the theme, in our case, some came from stock – some had to be pushed thru the factory especially. Tip you will never get done many as you want – so prioritise and always have a first reserve.  (Check the weather)
  • Choose the look – that means hit the internet – see what’s appropriate, on trend, what looks good, but more importantly check out what looks awful. Armed with that info, pull together a wardrobe that complements the bags, acts as a good foil, and doesn’t overpower the collection. We are lucky, we have a huge selection of “outlet” shops on our doorstep, plus a team of very generous staff who are willing to share. (Check the weather)
  • The handbags are then tried on with wardrobe and the selection drilled down – we then do a dry run here to make sure they work – see images below of Chas trying on. (Check the weather)
  • Locations – Good Somerset locations with variety and interest are really important, so that is when Brett and I hit the road to scope out backdrops – as you can see from the images below I pretend to be model – he photographer, which could be “sexy – haha” if it wasn’t so bloody knackering – we traipse for miles ! Tip – do this very close to the shoot date, you’ll be surprised how locations change/field’s mowed, roads closed etc. (Check the weather)
  • Then back at the office we match everything together, bags, clothes/footwear, locations, props and list it all down together with photo prompts,  everything is ironed,  Ikea bags are filled and labelled per locale – we try to get 3 styles of handbag per clothes change & location but we also have at least one reserve  – remember the what if’s ! (Check the weather)
  • Next the route plan, that takes into account distance & proximity one set to another,  the changes of clothes needed, toilets, breaks,  time of day/lighting needed  etc. (Check the weather)
  • So the day is here – ring Burns the Bread – order grub (and loads of it ) – check the weather and go…………………………………………………………………………..phew we survived!
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