Flying The Flag in LA-LA!!

Released On 12th Mar 2017

Presently I am eight hours behind Blighty, so I am writing this in the early hours of Sunday morning,  sat up in bed - wide awake,  in a cool air conditioned room (that is already making me sneeze) in Downtown LA !

What am I doing here ? - good question,  I ask myself that regularly !   But at the moment, my raisin d'etre is Source British,  a trade show - the very first of it's kind, that is being held here in the fashion quarter of LA. 

Source British is a group of chosen U.K. designers and manufacturers who are looking to introduce their merchandise to the West Coast USA. It is a quite eclectic bunch with, I guess,  Loakes shoes, Postcard from Brighton and Orla Keily being the most famous of our ensemble. 

Chas and I have already been down and tried to suss out the venue - although getting no further than the tiny Latino fireball of a female security guard, who was not letting us pass ! 

Those who know me will know that this refusal of admission is still hurting me deeply, there are very few instances where, either charm (preferred tactic)  lies ( mainly used at Glastonbury) or bullying (regretted, but necessary,  'specially with a jobsworth) don't get me into places.

But this designated official was having none of it, she talked three times faster than me - crazy I know !! had a rule book the size of a bible, and nails that could only be described as lethal weapons, and it was whilst I was looking at these multi coloured, star emblazoned talons that I lost my focus and momentum.

I could think of only two things - one, would she gouge my eyes out in an all out fight?  (most likely yes )  and two,  how does she wipe her bum? And it was the latter question that put me truly on the back foot, especially when I found myself considering (in my head only) whether to ask her that pressing question, ( the answer to which is, even now, still vexing me- truth be told) 

But, anyway, I didn't, I just sloped away defeated mumbling something about going to look for blu tac !! 

So next best thing - food, hmmmmm well,  a turkey burger and fries, the most healthy option on the menu ! Please don't think a healthy option is important to me - but knowing it was 4am in the morning (real time) and my tendency towards restless, heartburnt nights after spicy, garlic toasted, chipotle dressed, aioli dipped, five cheese topped jumbo gumbo taco's - I felt ""bland"" turkey and chips seemed favourite! 

Bland - hell fire, I know we flew over Salt Lake on the way in - but did they need to put two thirds of it on my meal ? I left the majority of the chips and bun, but by then the damage had been done.

And that's why I am sat up in bed now, drinking copious amounts of water and tapping away on my I pad with fingers that are turning blue thanks to  the droning air conditioning machine that seems have two settings - either Antarctic or Off !! 

So tomorrow brings set up - keep your fingers crossed for us, that everything has arrived safe and sound and that the show, Monday & Tuesday, goes well, then Wednesday and Thursday the meetings with potential agents are successful and that everybody loves the Owen Barry collection.

Please don't worry about me on Friday-  I shall be riding the open top bus tour , up Rodeo Drive, down Mulholland Drive, past the Hollywood Hills and visiting all the must do landmarks.

Have an awesome week y'all !!  
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