Happy Birthday IKB!!

Released On 9th Apr 2016

210 years ago today one of my all time hero's was born - one of the greatest designers  engineers and sculptural artists of all time - yes you guessed it  - IKB. 

My obsession with the great gentleman was one of the key reasons that drove us to Clifton for our latest photo shoot. 

In every shot you will see glimpses of the imposing Georgian architecture, his magnificent Suspension Bridge, the twisting stone steps and black wrought railings and you realise what a wonderful and iconic legacy they are. 

But it isn't all about stunning back drops and fantastic weather, we are very fortunate with the Owen Barry team. For the Clifton location our model was the beautiful Layla and Tim our regular lifestyle photographer, between them they really captured both the Owen Barry look and the essence of Bristol, a Somerset Jewel.

So to quote Chanel - ""Fashion is Architecture, it is just a matter of proportions""  you can't deny
IKB had the most glorious eye for proportions,  I bet he would have designed great bags. 

Happy Birthday Sir.
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