Happy Friendship Day....the OB way!!

Released On 6th Aug 2016

I guess it’s thanks to the Americans that the first Sunday in August is Friendship Day.  Why it is ?  I have no idea, but actually compared to some of the “days” they celebrate such as Trick or Treat (I won’t glorify it by calling it Halloween) or the plague that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a Friendship Day seems fairly upbeat positive event. 

As a company we actually do celebrate our own Friendship Day, but for us it is in November. 

If you don’t want to read about that – but do want something special for your best friend scroll right down to the bottom now and get your bestie a free £25 Owen Barry Voucher – everybody can get one,  so you would be silly not to.  

Thank you for sticking with me, you will get to the freebies, I promise.

Anyway as I was saying, Owen Barry are really blessed with the many friends and supporters that we have collected along the way.  I guess some people might think it strange how our suppliers, customers, advisors and even some competitors have become really good friends, they are friends we genuinely do care about, I don’t know why – we are really lucky,  it’s always been that way.  

People do say we are a friendly lot, to quote a recent Facebook review from a customer “The (Owen Barry) staff are the nicest people you are likely to meet on any shop floor and they're always willing to go the extra milebut here’s the thing, we don’t think what we do is anything special – surely that’s just the best way to get through the day? – Being interested in folk and having a natter and a laugh makes for a better life all round.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always an odd ‘un that makes you bite your tongue or question your sanity but thankfully they are really thin on the ground.

I guess because over the years I have been so wound up in the business that apart from my very closest friends the only people I meet are business based, so therefore, whether they like it or not they get the dubious pleasure of become my friends – otherwise I wouldn’t have anybody to talk to! 

I have attached a few images of me with these friends – there are loads more, but I just picked a few, these snaps were taken at one of our annual “Down and Dirty Sales “ - this bash only happens once a year.  

Down & Dirty Sale is a very special event for many reasons, on the same Friday night all our “friends” are invited, drinks and canapés served. There are fantastic bargains to be had, (starting at a £1 -for those who want them),  but we also use it as an opportunity to get together with folk whom we don’t necessarily meet face to face from one year to the next – everybody is welcome and of course the more the merrier. 

The date has become a calendar feature – it is the first Friday in November (4th this year), the team & I are already looking forward to it and I am thrilled to say so are some of our friends – and not just because of the free drinks, I hope!

​If you have managed to get here in the blog – then already for strength of character alone you are the type of person we want to come – please try  (and bring your friends) – it is a cracking good night.


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