Happy New Year!!

Released On 31st Dec 2016

It frustrates me that the internet, TV, newspapers and magazines are all making the statement Happy New Year and then proceed to tell you how you should make it a ""miserable"" one  - diet, fitness, alcohol free, motivated, you name it, at the moment there is a swath of folk telling you that you aren't good enough and that you should improve.

So called experts want to tell you what you should do, telling you they know best - their life is brilliant, you should try to be like them, fashion bloggers, fitness coaches, dieticians who all PRETEND they have wonderful bodies, minds, lives and think they have the right to tell you, what you should be doing to improve your lot by replicating them. Sod off. 

When you think about it, it is obviously  just the next marketing drive to exploit the public - the great Christmas extraction has finished - how can we get them to spend now? - ahh yes make them question their own self worth and sell them the ""perfect"" answer.

Of course, they don't have that answer because nobody knows what each person is looking for - most likely, for the majority of us it is only going to be one of three things :- love, security, a sense of purpose/worth and if you are truly blessed,  you will get all three.

Most humans certainly crave for all three, but none of them is achieved solely by losing weight, cutting out alcohol or running two miles a day throughout January!

So if you are going to do one thing this New Year,  do me a favour, stop listening to the experts and marketeers (who most likely haven't got lives or bodies either, cuzz they are sat at PC's manipulating us). Please believe me, a great body/face/haircut will not get you a partner or a happy ever after - some of the most stunning people don't have love or self worth and can't understand why.

Take a little time to look inside yourself and decide what you want from your life big time and work towards that - big goals, not quick fix gratification.

Whilst, I grant you, losing two stone will have benefits (getting into those best jeans for one) whilst sculpted abs could make another great Instagram pic, whilst detoxing and zero alcohol might be cleansing - what use if you are going to be the most miserable person on the planet,  plus February is going to see you rat-assed , short term is worse and more demoralising than nothing at all. 

One of my fathers favourite sayings was: 

""Would the gift that God did give us, to see ourselves as others see us"" 

I think that is a really profound saying because 95% of folk do not judge you by your outward appearance - they judge you by your attitude and demeanour towards them, others and life. 

So please only take the first word from Happy New Year and make that your mantra for 2017 - be HAPPY.

Have a good one.
Cindi x
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