Has Spring Sprung??

Released On 6th Mar 2017

I think it’s fair to say Spring has sprung.

I have been unlocking this week, and at the factory the early morning consensus among the staff is that the mornings are getting lighter – spring is here.

For the sake of transparency, I would point out that I have NO idea – one week in six I unlock, which means getting up (in the middle of the night) 6 am, I fumble around the bathroom with my eyes shut, then the kitchen with my eyes still shut, and then drive to work, unlock and sit at my desk with my eyes still shut until a civilised hour appears on the clock.

So, any intelligent observation about the impending lighter mornings is purely second hand, but in true Trump fashion I pass it on with zero knowledge and 100% confidence.

But now that we do have the promise of sunshine (albeit a little watery today) we can look towards casting our clouts (bugger waiting for May let’s get on with it).

Today sees the soft launch of the OB Spring/Summer 17 collection online, I say soft launch cuzz it is only the Spring colours and styles that we are showcasing. Even I, with my inbuilt plump heating system,  am not quite ready for my new cool summer leather hotpants just yet.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your delight, delectation, distraction and daunting diversion (I've just heard they are bringing back the good old days !!) here is a bit of background on a couple of Owen Barry key pieces and how they have been showcased to reflect the spring trends.

Riggster with a Silver Acido star, the Riggster is the one of our most popular bags - She was co-designed with the Senior Fashion Editor of the UK's leading women's glossy magazine, Good Housekeeping, I think because of that, Riggsters versatility really shines thru, Wendy has her finger on the real fashion pulse of the nation, so when she asked us to include the duel straps, shoulder and cross body  and the stunning Silver Acido star, we listened .

And of course she was right that individual star lifts so many outfits.  

As we know silver is so on trend this spring - but not everybody wants silver, and certainly not silver overload, so Riggster offers the best of both worlds, that nod towards a bit of silver in your spring wardrobe, to lift and modernise a more traditional outfit.

Plus if you do want go a bit more metallic mad with silver chelsea boots or plimsolls , belt or even dress, the silver star set off by the suede surround really is the perfect bag guaranteed not to clash, Riggster softens and blends into the whole look – stunning.

Iggy in Brulee on Butterscotch, - old gold or mustard is the new yellow, featuring heavily on the catwalks for S/S.  As yellow is so hard to wear for many skin tones, Butterscotch is 100% the replacement and becoming a regular favourite with many designers, it is certainly a timeless colour, so much so that despite featuring heavily for S/S  it is repeated again in Autumn Winter collections – so for an investment colour with a pop,  you can’t go wrong with Butterscotch.

Ronson in Navy – the spring summer staple, we can now officially announce that Navy has become the new black - working well with so many other colours including browns and tans,  but doing the one thing that black can't, it tones with denim's and a summer wardrobe, this Softee Navy is a beautiful leather, tactile and rich, one of my personal favourites.

The Navy Softee Ronson  is a great zipper top crossbody with adjustable strap and handy back pocket - ideal for holidays/ travelling, so convenient having phone, passport etc. safe but easily to hand.

That's enough about bags - Sunday is s'posed to be my day off -  the new range is on line now (with final touches being finished by Eliza tomorrow) - go and have a look for yourselves. 

I must crack on with ironing, I might just try on those leather hot pants, we're off to LA for a trade show next weekend - and I want to make an impression...........

Link to the Spring Collection
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