Have a super Easter - don't waste it cleaning!!!

Released On 27th Mar 2016

​​Spring cleaning tips - not really my scene but...... Here I go 

For me Spring is the time when we should now be enjoying long walks on lighter evenings, relegating the Atora dumpling suet to the back of the store cupboard and generally looking forward to warmer days ahead.
However there are some folk who feel this is a time for throwing open the windows letting in the fresh air and generally cleaning away all of the stodginess winter has left - I.e. ""Spring cleaning"" 

I am sure there are loads of time saving methods and great ideas on how to make your home bright, refreshed and beautifully scented - sadly I don't know any of them !

Anybody who knows me - knows cleaning is not my gift - 
The only pearls of cleaning wisdom can I impart are leather based - so here goes.

Tips on how to clean your Owen Barry Suede bag.

Most everyday grubbiness can be removed from suede by brushing your bag with a DRY scouring pad - use the foam side first but if that doesn't have the desired effect - then use the crusty side, however, please, try not to concentrate the rubbing/brushing too heavily in one small area - longer strokes will stop the suede becoming nappy or fluffy and also stop the colour lifting out or lightening.

Grease is a tough one that you want to avoid if at all possible, but if the fish and chips do their worst then try to remedy quickly by applying a blotting or ""drawing"" type powder such as Fullers Earth, French chalk or even school chalk powdered with a knife, even talcum powder is better than nothing - apply the chalk concentrated onto the area and leave overnight to draw the grease, tap off the chalk and then brush off with clothes brush or again with the scourer, if there is some chalk left in the suede use another part of the bag to rub with, thereby lifting and re colouring the suede with itself. A couple of applications may be necessary.

Mud etc allow to dry - then use the scourer, 

Life, Ink and Red wine ( sounds like a good book!) 
There is no real answer for ink, red wine or life for that matter so this is when you have to take on the ""Shit or Bust"" remedy - a very appropriate title cuzz the results can't be guaranteed - and whilst it will clean the bag, it could start to remove some of the natural oils, so not something you want to do until absolutely necessary, but I rarely hear of disappointed exponents.
SoB remedy = wash it. Ideally remove the handle/strap first, then wash it , either by hand or in a washing machine - just like you would a grubby good wool/cashmere jumper, coolish wash, mild soap solution ( nothing harsh or biological) rinse well- wring but don't squeeze the life out of it. 

Drying - Again like wool , so not by aggressive heat - on a breezy line or moderate temperature room. You might find the bag goes a bit stiff or hard, so when dry, just  rub/manipulate the bag to break open the fibres again to get the softness back. Finally if the nap has flattened a bit give the bag a rubdown with the infamous scourer to get the velvet suede nap back.

Well that's my suede cleaning tips, but remember, Owen Barry bags are supposed to be worn and enjoyed - not worried about, but should you have a catastrophe, we are always here for you so if you need any advise or would prefer to return your bag to us, we can look at it in the workshop ,report and hopefully help you with any problems.

Have a super Easter - don't waste it cleaning.

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