Here at OB we love colour....

Released On 1st May 2017

Here at Owen Barry we love colour. 

As you know we launch two vast palettes every year with approx 80 individual colours and skins offered each season enabling our customers to assemble bespoke combinations of colours and textures to their hearts content. 

So yesterday (Saturday) was an exciting landmark day for Owen Barry, we presented a joint event along side of House of Colour -the UK's pre-eminent colour advisory stylists. Gilly Montgomery our local HOC representative and her colleague Annabelle were both on hand to give us an overview of the principles and origins of House of Colour system. Each of these very stylish ladies has approaching 16 years HOC experience, so they were well qualified to show us how HOC works.

The principles originated at the Bauhaus School of Art in Germany, and it's rules of colour theory are now taught in art and design schools throughout the world. It was fascinating to see that every person has either a Blue or Yellow inner hue, which is eminated from their internal ""chemical makeup"", that is then divided into 4 sections named after the annual seasons (Autumn, Spring etc) and then further analysed by texture and finally by style.

This use of colour when demonstrated and explained can really help us from making the wrong choices, We have all made the mistake of loving a piece of clothing in principle - but when we get it home , in reality it just doesn't work and despite multiple ""tryings on"" never comes out of the wardrobe. 

You may recall I have had trouble with that Fuchsia Satin Catsuit  - it now transpired that is nothing to do with the fact I should have bought the size 24 - it is actually shiny satin doesn't suit me - in frankness if it had been a textured Cerise I could of rocked it - bloody obvious when you think about it - right ? 

Seriously, we do all have an inner sense of when we look really good and HOC explains why and helps us keep within those guidelines, therein not wasting time, effort and most importantly money on things that are never going to really work for us. 

I have to say I was a bit sceptical but when I saw just how raising the hemline of my tunic could change my whole look (for the better) I thought there is something in this. 

Gilly, who is based in Catcott, has very kindly offered an introductory discount to Owen Barry ""recruits"" so I know I will be taking advantage of that - and of course you can as well, as OB F&F members - just contact us for the introduction.

Several people who attended yesterday were Owen Barry virgins, and didn't realise just how important colour is to us as well, so following the factory tour they were fascinated to see the portfolio of colours and skins from which they could make their bespoke selections at no extra cost. This, together with the vast array of styles meant that the perfect bag could be assembled. 

Several of the clients also took away swatches, to check against specific outfits. This is a service Sarah our Shop Manageress actually does daily for customers from further afield, we prefer to send cuttings, so that we can ensure your choice is perfect.

It was interesting talking to one couple, yes, guys have their colours ""done"" as well, and I must say with this fella, very successfully! Anyway, they were saying how you would think that limiting your spectrum of choice would be restrictive, but actually the reverse is true it makes you embrace colour with confidence, and over time that individually strengthens your inner confidence and personality. 

I love that sentiment because that's what Owen Barry is all about, variety of choice and confidence to be individual, far too many people use a boring black bag day after day and week after week, STOP - have a change, brighten your life - whether it's an OB or not - to paraphrase Trainspotting :

Choose Colour, Choose Style, Choose Individuality - CHOOSE LIFE. 

Hopefully next weeks blog will be about a lady who really has done that - 31 OB bags and counting - wait until you see the photos !! 

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