Historic FLASH SALE - Sat Nov 4th

Historic FLASH SALE - Sat Nov 4th

Released On 27th Oct 2017

Today, Sarah and I have been busy sorting bags and stock, a job punctuated by discussions about how many years we have been holding our one day flash sale on the first Saturday in November.

So imagine our surprise when we eventually stopped debating and actually put ourselves out to look up the records!

What did we find? Well, unbelievably this November 4th will be our FIFTH annual one day flash sale! Where did those years go?

Whilst we were sorting the bargains, it was fun to reminisce about the characters we have met, the unusual pieces that have appealed to customers and the other more outrageous samples/products that have caused what you can only politely call discussions.

The first year was a launch party and people kindly turned up just to support us - no worries.

But the second year we were very fearful that no-one would be interested.

So when two random ladies from Coventry knocked the front door at 8.45 am explaining they had a long drive and were bursting, we let them use the loo, we were thrilled they’d made the effort and thought nothing of it, naive or what!

Once inside and relieved, we gave them a cuppa.  Why? because we’re nice!

We still hadn’t realised they were professional’s  who attend these types of sales all over the country! Paul Smith, Boden, Temperley, they were there to get stock to resell in their shop and online!

Whilst they were drinking tea and making conversation, they started looking at the stock - and basically sorting it, getting first dibbings on all the best bits, we were oblivious, we’d never encountered tactics like that, but by the time doors opened letting the public in , they had their would-be purchases sorted and strategically placed on the rail.

So at 9.35am we stood with our mouths open as they approached the till with armfuls of bags, what could we say?  it was in excess of £500 and it was with mixed feelings we rung up the sale, frustration at being duped, irritated that some of the best bits had been snaffled, countered by pleasure at a good sale.

Rest assured, we learnt that lesson, from that day forward we have been very firm on admission in advance - it just doesn’t happen.

Another interesting one was last year, when put all the children’s sheepskin gilets, hats, mittens, coats on display unpriced.

These were beautiful samples that we no longer had a use for, so we asked for donations in aid of CHSW and it was left to the “buyer” to decide how much or little they wanted to donate - a dish was provided and cash was left. Children’s Hospice SW got just under £200 - nice work ladies, thank you.

There are quite a few other stories, but Sarah and I do wonder about the lady who bought the returned sheepskin bean bag - it was used, it had been repaired, refilled and put out for sale - don’t get me wrong it was stunning if grubby, but exceptional value for money. This lady wanted it .....

Fine, then buy it ...

But, she said, my son  is allergic to cats/dogs can you assure me that animals haven’t sat on it?

No, terribly sorry, we can’t make any assurances about where it’s been or what it’s been used for, it’s a return.

But it might make him sneeze or itch.

I agree, it would be a big risk and it’s non returnable.

But I want it.

Hmmmm, yes but it is grubby, used  and i don’t know where it’s been , that’s reflected in the price.
But I want it........ if it makes them sneeze or itch will you take it back?

NO it’s best you don’t risk it .........

And so it went on, and on and on.

We couldn’t guarantee it and she couldn’t live without it.

The conclusion?  She bought it, but to this day we still worry about her sensitive son, whether it was okay, or does he sit on it sneezing and wheezing, or perhaps he’s put in the garage and the beanbag has pride of place in the lounge!

- as my mother used to say ....nowt so strange as folk. 

Anyway, we’re getting the stock ready,  so please save the date: - 

Saturday 4th November - doors open at 9.30am.

The Historical Annual One Day Sale (also called “Down & Dirty” ) hopefully see you there. 

* this sale is not available online

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