I am so excited; Yes, over new labels ! Am I losing the plot ?

I am so excited; Yes, over new labels ! Am I losing the plot ?

Released On 24th Mar 2018

Oh, my goodness I am so excited, how fantastic are these new labels?

As some of you may be aware 2018 is our 70th anniversary.  We have been manufacturing in Britain, and more specifically in Somerset for seventy years – I know, I don’t look old enough (although sometimes I feel it!).

Throughout the coming year here at OB we will be doing a variety of events to celebrate this landmark.

One of the first things out the box is commemorative packaging; I am not going to show you it all at once, but here is a look at our new handbag labels.

As you can see our logo has changed slightly, in fact, it has reverted to a version of the very original Owen Barry Signature.

Back in the day, this signature was used on all our products, so as a way of celebrating our heritage we asked our design partners, SOS Design from Bath to help us, revive and integrate this original signature together with the distinctive OB logo.

We are super thrilled with how it looks, please tell us what you think.

Additionally, we asked SOS to design a 70th sleeve to accompany the new label, thereby offering even more emphasis to our anniversary.

It is strange to think, how “old fashioned” things come back into favour;

I know the original signature had to be adapted a little, the spacing and the presentation brought up to date, but, in essence, all we have used is the logo that Owen must have “designed”, with the help of his stationary printers I guess.

For the first few years of trading OHC Barry & Co Ltd, used just matter of fact block capitals on their headed paper & sample cards.  I believe, the signature logo was introduced in the late 50’s, so I don’t know whether our printers in those days would have been Walton Press, Helliker Print, or perhaps someone else, what I do know is, that Owen won’t have gone far for his printing.

Much like we do today, keeping everything very local where-ever possible.

In a time when there were no app’s or tools or easy access to online fonts a detailed logo like that must have been quite tricky!  

My goodness, when I think how excited and proud I am about some new labels, I can’t imagine how absolutely thrilled Owen must have been to see his logo come to fruition and attached to all the beautiful products leaving the factory.

Whoa, all this reminiscing isn’t doing me any good, getting emotional again, better go and have a sherry!!!

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