I need your help and guidance please........

Released On 25th Jun 2016


        I need your help and guidance please

I am tired, wrung out and looking for inspiration!!

Different people read my blog for a variety of different reasons – I should imagine boredom being one of them, & also hopefully, because they find them a combo of informative and amusing, so as the next JK Rowling, I try to keep my audience happy and the content relevant - therefore writers block is not a good thing.

Well this week, has been one hellva week and I sat down at the computer feeling like I had been wrung thru the mangle – please don’t get me wrong I AM NOT COMPLAINING – mine was purely just hard work both physical and mental, and when you get to a certain age you have the dawning realisation that you are not quite as fit as you once were!

So in the spirit of referendum, I looked back on my week and the topics that I could have spouted off on, but couldn’t find an outright winner so I thought I would ask you which you would have preferred to read about – your thoughts/votes will hopefully guide me as I bounce back next week with insightful and witty repartee! (In yer dreams).
  • Development of the Autumn/Winter collection and look book – the skins have already been selected but Chas & I finalised the designs – we introduced new styles, but some favourites are getting make overs and upgrades, we think these extra detailing and finishing touches will really give some of the Owen Barry classics a boost that will please our regulars and also bring more new converts – would you have liked more on this topic?
  • Trusting people who deceive you, in business there are always going to be people who are out to mislead you,  promise the world only to let you down - how do you manage this ? How do you stop one bad apple making the whole pie sour for everyone else? How do us unsuspicious folk toughen up and become a better judge of character? – Or is that willingness to believe what brings us other opportunities?  – would you have liked more rantings on this topic?
  • Customer service – can you ever give a customer too good a service ? – by offering more and more do some greedy clients come to expect that extra mile (and more)  as standard and start to take the p…? Which has the most effect, client testimonials or client complaints? – If you read 10 testimonials vs 1 disgruntled customer letter would you still buy? – Trip advisor for retailers – would you have read this blog?
  • Young People - love em, love em, love em – Just done two very full shifts at Glasto with 150,000 very wet and muddy young people and they are all so polite, adaptable, friendly and eloquent and it the last of those descriptive adjectives that I find the most rewarding   – who says the youff of today are monosyllabic and unable to interact with humanity?  Or is it (as previously mentioned) that I am getting very old and actually the “young people” I met are actually just very cheerful and articulate young adults that have grown up and realised how lucky we are – but they still look like babies to me ! – Should I have pursued this blog topic?
I stayed away from the obvious train crashes like Brexit and Glastonbury – cuzz they are all over bar the shouting and really I think they are the reason my brain is fried !

So which blog topic would you have chosen to read?

Or perhaps you’d like to guide me down an alternative route (or up a blind alley) whichever, we just have to be a rainbow in someone else’s raincloud. (Yeah yer right – too much Glasto)

Peanuts cartoon courtesy of Schulz 

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