Judy, Good Housekeeping & ME!

Judy, Good Housekeeping & ME!

Released On 9th Jul 2017

The August edition of the UK’s most popular women’s magazine, Good Housekeeping will hit the newsagents shelves any minute now and I am mega excited.

Gracing the front is a very patriotic Judy Murray styled in red, white and blue, the mother of our most successful tennis player is obviously a great personality for the magazine’s cover.

With her recent OBE under her belt and both her sons representing their country at our most preeminent global sporting tournament, she is a great coup – well done GH – cracking choice.

Why am I so pleased?  well because, just beside Judy’s head, immediately by her eyeline – top right-hand side is a sizeable blue promotion button blazon with the words “20% off Luxury Handbags”.

Guess whose handbags they are referring to?  Yep, you’re not wrong, for the months of July & August you can get 20% off Owen Barry Creators Collection both online and instore - see Good Housekeeping for details. 20% is quite a sizeable discount to give on already very good prices – so why am I doing it? Well it is an investment we are making to raise awareness of the Owen Barry Brand.

You see, 2nd only to the pre- Christmas edition, this copy of the Good Housekeeping will be one of the most read women’s magazines throughout the UK publishing calendar.

For many of us, holidays and summer relaxing are the few times when we will:- 1) treat ourselves & 2) possibly have time to read a magazine.

I find it very often it all starts with 2 or three hours trapped in a departure lounge, it is definitely my prime opportunity to start the holiday and indulge in a little bit of luxury.

Who doesn’t, surely, it’s a routine?  – 

  • Straight into duty free, few dollops of perfume, ears, wrists, cleavage, and if the assistant isn’t looking a good blast with the atomiser around the sweaty bits.
  • Then, study the obscure brands of alcohol, taster madam? don’t mind if I do, only to decide, it’s too heavy to carry, we’ll get it on the way home (I know, that’s when the monies run out! duhhhh)

  • Next, the luxury brand’s , Gucci, Prada, Paul Smith, Burberry’s – I obviously study the handbags, but I also the hanker after the jewellery, sunglasses etc. and wonder – who pays these prices?

  • Sorry, back on track – Check the departures board –hmmmm still 2 hours 45 mins left -  coffee and possibly a snack? Done.


    So, what shall we do now?  This when WH Smith get the action, and the holiday spend starts magazines, paperbacks, chocolate bars, bottle of water.

THAT WAS IT THERE, did you see it?

That was when my new customer and ultimately a F&F finds Owen Barry, as she is leafing thru her magazine, possibly she’s still in departures, or on the beach, lead on the hotel bed, or perhaps not until she gets home and is sat with a cuppa recovering, but that was when my opportunity happened, when she picked up that GH and started leafing thru it, she liked the look of Owen Barry,  British Made, lifetime guarantee, massive portfolio of colours & skins, - and 20% off.

Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.

So, Judy it’s up to you, I am sincerely hoping that both you and Andy are winners this summer.

In the meantime strawberries and Pimm’s anybody?

As seen in Good Housekeeping - August 2017

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