Kickstarter D-Day - This Tuesday!!

Released On 11th Jun 2017

With the Kickstarter launch day growing frighteningly ever closer, (D Day = next Tuesday 12th June), last week has been spent reaching out to friends, family, acquaintances, anybody really, just trying to spread the word.

However, I do worry that the young security guy at Sainsbury’s thought I was trying to hit on him when I nonchalantly enquired “Did he do much on social media?” 

At the time I thought he was just flustered, cuzz perhaps he was new?  but in hindsight, perhaps my full on cross questioning about his Facebook activities was a little on the creepy side!

HHHmmmm, but, you see I was on a mission: 

After doing yet more research, I learnt that approximately 2/3rds of all Kickstarter projects launched actually FAILED to reach the target they had set (which, you will recall, means they get zero funding).  

Understandably “one man start-up/shed projects” with low goals (sub £1,000) have the largest casualty rate.
And thank goodness, our project comes in the sector with a lower failure rate. 

For us, being a long established, credible British Manufacturer, with superb product knowledge and reliable track record, should help reassure would be Kickstarters in the trustworthiness/value of our campaign.
Plus, of course, we know that what we are offering, and the fantastic rewards that are on offer (don’t worry, you will SOON). 

So, the fact that our rewards are superbly designed, great value, proven function, the first of their kind on the market and supported by our OB lifetime guarantee, should give our Kickstarters the confidence they need.

However, talk about a wakeup call, without being too emotive, look what happened in Westminster this week. 

Here come the proverbs & idioms – you can’t count yer chickens, pride before a fall etc. etc. 

So, unlike some other recent females, I can’t take any chances – I need to press you again; – 

PLEASE spread the word, you will see the video launch on Tuesday.  Frankly, between you and me, next year’s Oscar’s could be looming – another outing for that Fuchsia catsuit?  

When you do see it, PLEASE like, share and generally talk about it.
Owen Barry are a really hardworking enthusiastic Somerset traditional manufacturing company, trying hard to spread the word in a maelstrom of information overload and it’s very tough getting heard out there.

Please understand, your SHARE could be the one click that made all the difference.

And, of course think of the youngsters, not just the ones learning traditional skills in our workshop,  if we get Kickstarter support, I won’t need to keep harassing the spotty security lad with the panic stricken shuffle on the door at Sainsbury’s, you see = win : win.

Disclosure Day = Tuesday 12th June – please put it in your calendar.

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