Launching the Owen Barry Sheepskin Collection in the UK

Released On 18th Nov 2018

Launching the Owen Barry Sheepskin Collection in the UK

It seems a little weird to say that we are pleased to announce the launch of our Sheepskin collection in the UK, because Owen Barry actually started selling sheepskin and leather clothing to GB over 50 years ago, so I guess we should really be saying “relaunch”!

Owen actually started designing, making and supplying sheepskin & leather clothing to well known British retailers back in the early sixties, supplying accounts like English Lady at Debenhams, Bentalls, Peter Jones, Arnotts, C&A, and Hepworths Menswear to name but a few.

But in the early/ mid-eighties, when the British buying public tastes changed, they wanted everything cheap and fast; so sadly OB couldn't compete with the imports from India, so we stopped supplying our home market.

Shouting “bugger you then” over our shoulder, we took our outerwear and accessories headed off to pastures new; markets such as North America and Japan and that is where we have stayed, quite happily for 30 plus years!

But now for various reasons the British buying public once more seem to be interested in buying ethical, environmentally friendly, beautiful quality long lasting products and ours that are handcrafted right here in Blighty fit the bill !!- thank you very much, don’t mind if you do...

To be honest, we noticed that groundswell of interest starting a few years ago, shops were asking us about the collections that we supplied to global designers and overseas customers, but frankly, we thought it was a “phase” they’d “soon get over it“!

But NO, young adults especially, seem much more focused on researching and buying products that have a true ethical provenance, to them the origins together with the cost to the planet and to human resources is paramount, so knowing we had an educated British consumer interested in our ranges made us much more confident and enthusiastic to relaunch our sheepskin range back in the UK. 

So we did, this year for our 70th anniversary of manufacturing in the UK, we thought we would once again include a small collection of our shearling outerwear in our UK offering.

In fairness to the British retailers, they have supported us with prestigious stores such as Anthropologie and Fenwick stocking Owen Barry for this Autumn Winter season.

With the launch of the new website we have been able to include a few of the key pieces, (check out our women’s shop area here or our men’s offering here ) and we will continue to expand the range over the coming weeks, especially now that the weather is on change.

To “Relaunch our Sheepskin collection in the UK” we embrace the US phenomenon:- For Black Friday week we are doing a very special offer:-

With our best selling women’s Aubrey line we are offering a complementary Matching Sheepskin Tote bag worth £345.

And for the guys, with the super stylish Connor style in Mojobe Curly Merino’s we are offering a matching complementary Kent style Sheepskin hat worth £140.

To download our most recent Sheepskin lookbook - have nosey here.

And don’t forget in the words of Ned Stark :- “Winter is Coming” .........

Have a good one.

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