Meet Kanichiro...

Released On 5th Jul 2015

We are delighted to introduce 9 month Kanichiro, beautifully dressed as a little lamb. Just so cute!

He is the son of Kenta, who works with our Japanese distributing company. He clearly loves his sheepskin outfit hence the big smile!

“Kan” means carrying through with own belief and his parents hope he will become a man who accomplishes without giving up...
Also, the name is derived from a Japanese person from the 1800s. Kanichiro Yoshimura was the member of the most famous samurai group “Shinsen-gumi”.
He was very kind man and valued his family.
In addition, it is said that he was a truely strong samurai in “Shinsen-gumi”.

We look forward to seeing more pictures of Kanichiro very soon!
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