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Released On 14th May 2017

So yesterday (Saturday) saw me supporting a local community event! I know - bonhomie is not my strong suit.

In fact, I am the woman that 24 hour supermarkets were invented for, places where I can shop alone in the twilight zone, thereby avoiding interaction with anybody I know - Brett says that the other shoppers actually hide from me !! Probably because of my flannelette PJ's and wellies, but I feel my tactics are sound.

Sorry, I digress,  Street Parish Council launched its inaugural Somerset Day celebration and the organisers caught me at a weak moment, so up I turn under duress!! 

But actually, it was great fun for all who attended and contributed - we had every thing from Morris Dancers to Brass Bands, Buskers to kids Country Dancing displays.

It was all overseen by a very regal King and Mrs Alfred, who (aided by an exceptionally generous Bob Burns OBE - master baker )  gave away to the children over 300 scrummy chocolate muffins - and not one of them burnt !

Owen Barry was asked to attend as Street has been the home of our factory for over 70 years, with our leather links going back even further than that. All of the stalls were proudly selling local Somerset products and produce.

On the walls of the break out area in the factory we have a selection of the old images of my grandfather, his brothers and the staff dating back to the thirties when we were still tanning leather in the Tanyard.

Actually, It's surprising when I was nattering to folk today, about the factory and the fact that we are one of the last (if not the last) sheepskin manufacturers left in Street,  just how many people (or their family and friends) have been involved with the company over the years - you forget how many tendrils reach out - it's a small world!! Well it is in Somerset anyway and for someone with the worlds worst memory (me!) it was a fascinating opportunity to recap old stories. 

The only thing I did find a little strange....why did everyone I met look so much older - most bizarre. 

Surely they couldn't possibly think that about me, could they????    
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