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Released On 4th Jun 2017

Yes, this is what friends and family blogs are made for,  you really are the very first to to know about our Kickstarter project.

This week we have again been working on our Kickstarter products and as it is getting very near to launch, I can now start talking about it......

For those of you who might not know, Kickstarter is like a Dragons Den - but with general public judging and investing in your idea rather than 5 ""celebrities"".

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform online where anybody can launch a new product or concept - it can range from the most bizarre artistic installations thru enamel pins (badges) of quirky cartoon characters to gravity blankets.

The latter - gravity blankets, being the most jaw dropping that we have witnessed recently - a month ago a man from Brooklyn NY launched a gravity blanket, he went to the marketplace using Kickstarter with a goal of raising $21,500, a reasonable goal, you would think, that would nicely ""kickstart"" any new line and help it's developer take it to market.

Well, for reasons best known to himself the ""designer"" decided he was not going to limit the amount of these new gravity blankets that he launched - which means that everybody who wanted one could invest in this line ( and keep on doing so) until the project ended - 30 days later in this case.
When you pledge to invest in a line you usually get a reward - in this case the investors got their own gravity blanket.  This week when the project closed to backers he had raised a phenomenal $4,729,263.00 - yes that's right $4.7 million dollars on an initial target of $21,000 !

So, you see Kickstarter is a very powerful place to launch new ideas to the market - if you have something totally new or even something that will help a community, person or business towards achieving an ambition, Kickstarter is a great place to go. 

As the designer spreads the word,  the online Kickstarter page shows you all about the nuts and bolts of the project and shows the investor what they will get as a reward when they make their pledge.

Of course that gravity anecdote makes it sound very easy - it isn't, there is an absolutely huge amount of work that goes into any brand new product, designing, trialling, tweaking, re making, finding new more suitable materials and manufacturing methods - but eventually you get to a place where you are pleased with what you have invented and feel it is refined enough to be revealed to the outside world.

Then the next stage happens when you have to tell people about it and encourage them to tell their friends - in the hope that people will like it and start to invest.

Well, we are at that place and on the 12th of June with more than a little trepidation we are going to market with a product that is totally new for Owen Barry - obviously it is using our knowledge and our skill base but there is nothing like it presently available and definitely not using British skins and British manufacturing.

I can't tell you exactly what it is yet, but please know if the project takes off it will mean a great deal to the future of Owen Barry and our team of 40 staff ensuring the security of the Company during these very difficult trading times and for years ahead.

So when you see anything about Owen Barry Kickstarter over the next few weeks, please LIKE, SHARE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS about it - perhaps you don't want to invest but your friends might or even their friends might - I just need to spread the word....

The project goes live of June 12, but I need to start spreading the word cuzz like the gravity blanket man I only have 30 days to make an impact and affect the long term growth of Owen Barry.

The catch ? Oh yes just like Dragons Den if we don't raise the full amount we get absolutely nothing !! -
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