Oh my god, NO, why on earth would you want to make elephant feet ?

Oh my god, NO, why on earth would you want to make elephant feet ?

Released On 21st Jan 2018

So this week’s fashion headline has been the Sheepskin Waders, just In case you haven’t seen it, imagine this = unisex fishing waders but in Sheepskin!

Are they real or just a catwalk gimmick? – who can tell, but their designers Ugg are saying they will be on sale this coming autumn winter for over £1000 per pair.

Seeing the images from this week’s Paris runways, I recalled a conversation I had about ten may be 12 years ago; I was talking to a well-respected leading designer in our industry about the up surge in the sheepskin boot/Ugg phenomena, at that time every young lady wanted a pair, they were available in one form or another in just about every fashion shop on the high street. 

So, with OB being a well-respected sheepskin manufacturer, living in the shadow of Clarks shoes, I was telling this designer how we were being asked at least once a week to make these boots and I was considering investing in the equipment!

I will never forget her reaction of absolute and utter horror – she recoiled as if she had been scalded “Oh my god, NO, why on earth would you want to make elephant feet” – what ?? pardon ?? 

I had never heard that expression before, but of course it was super accurate, especially when the boots loosened up or if they were made from a faux sheepskin that basically had no integrity, after a few weeks of wearing the must have comfy boots turned from being beautiful into chunky deformed elephant feet.

She enlarged with piece of advice that has stayed with me – never make anything just because its selling, you might have a quick reward but ultimately you will just be chasing the next “hot thing” and never creating a stable foundation for your own collection. 

And of course, she was right, imagine if I had invested in the specialist machinery to make these boots, that did of course diminish in popularity and get overtaken by the equally as unflattering Crocs a couple of years later.

Well here we are from elephant feet to full on elephant legs, and a look that has certainly got Ugg some headlines, whether it will become the next hot thing that they have no doubt been searching for is debatable.

But as with all new fashion, opinions are divided – would you wear them? I certainly wouldn’t but on the right body shape over super skinny jeans – anything can turn heads.

Do me a favour, when you get yours -send me a photo,
I always need to keep up to date with my customers’ requirements………………………
what, me laugh at your expense? – never I am far too polite!

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