Postcards from Somerset

Released On 22nd Apr 2017

​Postcards from Somerset

Following my blog last week, a few folk have been disappointed about my controversial defection ! 

You may recall I was suggesting the merits in forgetting Glastonbury and getting a sharra to California for festival season.  

In a effort to redress the balance I thought I should remind you of Owen Barry's loyalty to our home county - Somerset.

Hopefully, you will have seen plenty of evidence of our abiding love for the diverse rolling green cider provider that is Somerset in the large variety of her stunning iconic landmarks featured in everyone of our photoshoots. 

With beautiful backdrops ranging from Burnham & Berrow Beach  thru Wells Cathedral to Clifton Suspension Bridge, our vistas have been a window on the wonderful West Country landscapes that we are blessed with everyday.

In the beginning, when we started location shoots, Emma, Chas & I would worry about the weather, the ""what if's"",  rain stopping play would weigh heavy on our considerations, but it has to be said, with the exception of a Christmas shoot on December 29th several years ago, when the heavens opened,  we have been truly blessed with perfect weather. 

Notice I didn't say glorious weather, because flag cracking sunshine is not always what we need, for example when trying to capture an Autumn Winter Look Book in the middle of June, a cooler backdrop is much more forgiving than the bleaching sunshine, so to date we have been very fortunate, or perhaps, Somerset has been extremely generous.

But as every Brit will unanimously agree, when we have the weather, the UK is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and Somerset has to be pretty high up in Top Five Best of Britains counties.

So you can rest assured, despite many of our peers sloping off to warm Mediterranean location shoots, with Shirley Valentine sunsets and sand in their sloggies, team OB have zero intention of leaving the bosom of our bountiful headquarters. 

One day, we might blow the budget and stray over the border to Dorset or Devon, but not yet. Only this week we were trying to decide whether Cheddar or Clevedon Pier should be the next locale and the jury's still out,  but watch this space. 

We know you love our Postcards From Somerset, so I have just decided I am going to find my bloomers and put me curlers in, then when we do the next shoot, I can recreate the washer woman with the rolling pin from the saucy postcards on Weston seafront - that could be a winner!!

..........move over Layla, new model coming thru. 
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